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Body Guard Guidelines

The Bodyguard's creed is as follows:
"Si vis pactum Parabellum." which means "To have peace prepare for war".

The MOST important thing to remember is that you are a walking shield for the principal, it is your job to die for the client if need be. But most of all to keep the client safe at all costs: this includes life as well as dignity.

(1)The Bodyguard should at all times be professional and polite.
(2) No one should get near the principal (your client), unless told it is alright by the principal
(3) You should only use the force necessary to keep the subject away from the principal.
(4) You are allowed to escalate the amount of force to match the force being used by an aggressor.
(5) The BG should stand behind and to the right of the principal and no more than an arm's length away
(6) The BG should know at all times what is going on around his/her Principal(client). Keep looking around and stay alert.
(7) The BG's dress should not make the principal or him/herself stand out(I E do not wear a suit if your client is dressed in dirty work pants and shirt, dress casually. The reverse is true as well).
(8) The BG never sits next to the prinicpal...sit behind and to the right. If at a restaurant sit at a different table but close enough to hear and see what is going on around your client.
(9) When on the move keep looking around you, for if someone is out to get your principal they will not announce their intentions.
(10) If you happen to be working in teams one of you will be the advanced scout making sure everything is ready for the arrival of the principal.
(11) As I have said before, you are a walking shield, if you do not like it, find another line of work. The principal's (client's) life is more important than your own.
(12) Get the client back is your job to make sure that both you and the principal do just that. But if someone sends a dagger, an arrow or a spell towards the principal it is your duty to take it for the principal.
(13) You should know the rings of security from the outside in, you should also have a place within the dwelling to hold up for a while as you call and wait for back up to arrive if you need it.

You will get paid by the client only in the form of money. It is up to you to set your price for your services..but make it to high and they may look elsewhere. In cases when folks really need help and ask the Empress for help, she may ASSIGN you a client. In which case the Empire will provide you your pay (in GP AND EXP)
you will be paid anywhere from 1000-5000 GP and 100-500 EXP per client. You must guard the specified client for a minimum term of TWO weeks. The term may be for longer depending on how much the client is in need of protection. If this is the case, your pay will be increased each ADDITIONAL week of 100 GP and EXP.

If the client wishes a permanant Bodyguard, then the Empire will cease funding the bodyguard in question and it is up to the client and bodyguard to set up his/her wages. (EXP given by the forum will be reduced to 50)

((logs must be sent in to show how you were protecting the client to get EXP credit))

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