This form is to be used to submit an Assassination Contract. Follow the instructions below and be aware of the regulations stated before applying for the Contract.


Assassins may be of any race or breed. Mortals, Half-breed, or Immortals (with the exception of gods) are allowed to perform an assassination attempt with a valid Zartenoth Assassin Registered Number (ZLotCS). ((Only a 2 sided dice is allowed in the attempt or it will be invalid.)) Assassins must find a member of the Zartenoth Council , a Zartenoth registered Magistrate (Proctor) or you must be a registered one yourself in order for the attempt to be done. ((You must enter the room and have at least five lines of activity before the Out Of Character warning is allowed to be stated. If you lure someone into a room to have them assassinated you must let them enter the room. That means you must physically allow them to state the action of entering the room and have five lines of activity before the attempt can be made.)) Legal attempts and contracts will only be obtained if you have your Zartenoth assassin registered number in your life scrolls OR web portals.

1) Must obtain a LEGAL Zartenoth assassin Reg number and contract.
2) Must receive an approved contract from the Chancellor of Assassins.
3) Must have a good reason on why this assassination is going to take place.
4) Any and all type of Guild Havens and Guild Meeting Hall (providing an actual meeting is taking place), are safe zones and assassinations are NOT legal.
5) Only assassination attempts are allowed when, you have an Registered Zartenoth Proctor, or a Council Member to log the Attempt. OR you must be registered for doing the attempt on your own ((meaning you must know how to proctor and get certified for it))
6) Only four assassins are allowed to perform and assassination at once. If more are in the log the attempt is invalid.
7) Assassins are ONLY allowed to use a certain power level (2d) in the attempt, if not the atttept is considered invalid.


1. Must meet ALL the requirements listed above
2. You may choose your client. Meaning you may advertise your services and accept or decline anyone who ask for your services. The ONLY exception to this is any and all assassins under the Zartenoth Empire may NOT decline the Empress Aiyana's (moonlght80) request or commands to have someone eliminated. This also includes no negoticiations. She will give you reward as she sees fit according to your success of the mission.
3. You may set your own price for your services. However if you set it too high the person hiring you may withdraw their request and look elsewhere.
4. It is up to the ASSASSIN whether they receive payment before or after the mission.

5. If agreement states that part of the money was given before the mission and the rest for after the mission the above rules apply so do keep them in mind.

((Fill out the contract completely do not anything blank..put N/A if you do not need to fill in a space.
Also the form may not be working..if you do not recieve a reply by the empress or head of assassins in two days time please copy and paste the contract and submit by e-mail.
Do this by highlighting the text as usual. You cannot right click so see where the sign off option is? see Edit? go there and hit copy then paste as normal))

Assassination Contract Application

Assassin(s) Name (SN too):

State Registration Number(s):

Assassins Power Level (both Assassin Dice and Normal Dice):

Targets Name (SN too):

State Targets power level (Dice and Hit To Kill):

Enter Target's entire lifescroll (profile) Below:

Reason for Assassination Attempt? Personal or hired? If hired state your clients reason:

Who Hired you? (give name and SN): ((in the event you have to show your contract to any besides the head of assassins and the empress..please remove the name of your client and replace it with a code name or X))

What was the agreement struck between the assassin and client? (include deadline, money or any other payment)

((if approved..your contract will be sent back to you and your client for signing. In turn that both or all sign it..assuming a MAA is in order it will be sent back yet again to the assassin(s) with the word APPROVED at the top.
A lengthy process I know..however this is to ensure that you have proof of a valid contract as the empress, client, head of assassins and all assassins participating will have a copy of the contract. And forgery can be determined by any and all parties))

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