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Admist the Chaos of Rhy'Din, a Rebellion starts. A tiny band of people step forth, with courage and determination, dreaming of restoring order to this large realm. Many think it is just that, a dream. In a world torn by greed and power, many Kingdoms and Guilds have risen, and with them come Empires and Forums because Kingdoms and Guilds need law. The balance has been shifted, where rape and robbery go unheeded. The darkness has swept over the land, quenching the light. We need balance. People migrate to this area and are overwhelmed by all the rules by so many different others. And yes, this organization is starting that way as well, but with the help of others who join our cause, we can achieve what the Elders and the decent citizens of the realm have wanted for a long time...unity, a power focus.

If one of you reading this missive do not agree with what is stated, then please contact us and let us know what you think. We will try to serve the peoples needs and wants. Come help us expand, to Reform Rhy'Din or divide from it. Law and Order will be upheld to the best we can provide. Activities will be planned and goals will be met. Keep in mind that no environment is ever completely safe, even with laws. Wars may be fought and lives lost, but hope will always remain. So try us, if we do not meet your standards...then may we be vanquished.

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