Kingdom Area's

SRoZ Offical Kingdom Areas

((The following are the links to the chat rooms commonly used by the officers and members of the StRoR. If you would care to visit or open any of these rooms feel free.
if it is a PR ....and you will be able to tell if it doesn't have A&E in the title, then non members may not enter or know these rooms exist...since they are secret rooms.))

If you are an adventurer and explorer then enter the Portal that is opened before you, to begin your travels within the Storm Riders Kingdom!
(the room descriptions have not yet been completed but you are welcomed to look anyway)

For those who like the easy way out and don't find it interesting to explore...then the portals open below are for you to enter any destination of the Kingdom you desire. (however it is recommeded for good roleplay...if you take a look at the room descriptions to know the layout...because if you enter the room entitled "SRoZ Castle" doesn't mean you go there and you're in the castle...because it is protected by guards)

A and E - SRoZ Recruit Hall
A and E - SRoZ Sparring Ring
A and E - SRoZ Tourney Grounds
A and E - SRoZ Travelers Shop
(for sale)
A and E - SRoZ Craft Shop
A and E - SRoZ Arms n Armor
A and E - SRoZ Blacksmith Shop
A and E - SRoZ Floral Shop
A and E - SRoZ Fashion Shop
A and E - SRoZ Jewelers Store
A and E - Storm Riders Tavern
A and E - Storm Riders Theatre
A and E - SRoZ Play Place
A and E - SRoZ Fight Academy
A and E - SRoZ Magic Academy
A and E - Thirst For Knowledge
(owned by Shadow ((shadowheartx)) )
A and E - SRoZ Apothecary
(Owned by Seth ((cloneowa)) )
A and E - SRoZ Recruit Lot
A and E - SRoZ Castle Gates
A and E - SRoZ CastleCourtyard
A and E - SRoZ Stables

A and E - SRoZ Creature Corral
A and E - SRoZ Castle Gardens
A and E - SRoZ CastleLabyrinth
A and E - SRoZ Holy Sanctuary
A and E - SRoZ Burial Grounds
A and E - SRoZ Winery N Liquor
A and E - Storm Riders Brewery
A and E - Storm Riders Port
A and E - SRoZ Market Place
A and E - SRoZ Wee One Shelter
A and E - SRoZ Tranquil Forest
A and E - The SylverShyne Inn
(owned by Aiyana ((moonlght80)) )
A and E - SylverShyne Library
(owned by Aiyana ((moonlght80)) )

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