Requirements & Rules for Kingdom Areas

Kingdom Area (Room) Rules

Recruit Hall & Lot: This is the Kingdom's headquarters, where people whether member or outsider may ask questions, recruit or be recruited for the Kingdom. There will be no fighting in this Area without the GC's consent and ONLY the GC. These two areas are considered Safe Haven's for MEMBERS. Penalty for Breaking this rule will result in is probation for two weeks, a fine of 50 gold and a dock of 100 EXP, or in some cases exile from the Kingdom. Non members will be reported to the proper authorities if things get out of hand. (meaning a TOS Violation)

The Tavern: Like any Tavern we sell drinks of non and acoholic nature and brawls do and can occur. The rule is keep it MILD. No serious injuries will be inflicted and the limit is 4 achoholic drinks per person. Failure to meet this or breaking the rules will result in Probation for a Month, and if you work her, it may result in being fired.

Sparring Ring:This is a place for training at fighting styles and technique, the only drinks served here is water. This is usually a spot for learning and sparring only. Rarely do OTHER matches including Mass Spar occur here. The proctor is to be listened to and the rules they state. If you break them the spar is stopped and is declared void. If a proctor or Spar Instructor is attacked (meaning they are not the oppanant in a spar) the penalty is 3 weeks probrobation, a fine of 500 gold and two dice sides taken away.

Sanctuary: This was stated earlier in the "Violation of Safe Haven's" Law, re-read it. Punishment is death, no exceptions. This is a Safe Haven for EVERYONE in or outside the Kingdom and is deemed Holy Ground.

Travelers Shop: Rules can be set by owner.

Play Place Another Safe Haven for EVERYONE, fighting may occur here if necessary but no bloodshed meaning serious injuries will not be inflicted. It should be noted that NO ASSASSINATIONS can occur in any Safe Haven. Penalty can range from probation, demotion, fines (EXP & GP) exile or even death. It depends on the severity of breaking the rule/law.

In all rooms if a fight that is not a spar occurs, the d20 rule is in force at ALL TIMES unless they are a member then you may use your guild fighting dice magic dice or priest dice.
EXAMPLE: you have 3d32 you use 3d20 when fighting a non member and they will reduce their dice to d20 as well 4d60 will be reduced to 4d20. If they do not respect this rule then show it to them if they still persist stop fighting, ignore them or TOS them. Continuing to talk to or fight them just makes the situation worse and you no better than they are. Stating the d20 rule should be stated OOC if you sense a fight coming or if you are attacked.

Requirements for Members


--As a member you will be required to spar ONCE a week
*If you like to spar you can as much as you want

You CANNOT spar the same person more than twice in one day
unfair dice settings will not be granted EXP: such as 2d20 VS 4d40. IF you're using Guild Dice make sure your partner has decent dice if you are 2d50 DO NOT fight a member with 2d20. Set the Dice equally.

--the Arcane Mystics Legion will be required to spar TWICE a week. ONE for your fighting dice, the SECOND for a magic duel...combining both in one spar is acceptable but not everytime.
--you will be required to spar at least one Member. the GC is EXCLUDED unless you accept her sparring style....MINGLE WITH MEMBERS!
--Mass Spars are prohibited to once a month, and should be rarely used unless you're are training for War. You may Mass Spar more than once a Month if it is a MEMBER MASS SPAR and held in Private.


--memembers will be required to recruit once every two weeks. If you recruited May 15th then the next you are required to recruit is on May 29th. Proof will be sent as a retured App or logging your activities in the recruit hall.
--if you are a hired recruiter you should know YOUR requirements.
--In Recruiting Runs the two week requirement is STILL in effect.
--Members should be selective when they recruit, because if that person is accepted it will be YOUR job to make sure they are active and get training. If not the new member will be kicked out and YOU will be penelized.

Kingdom Areas

--When Kingdom Rooms are open, members should stop in to have a look or chat, do not decline an invitation to come in (a link to a room) unless muns have to sign off. "I'M BUSY" is no excuse. Even the GC who has 5 web portals to run, an inn to work and has forum and guild duties has time to go in Kingdom Areas. (if they're open or if she is on)
--when in Kingdom areas the Laws and rules (stated at the top of page) are in affect so KNOW them.

Life Scrolls (PROFILES)

--A member must have the Acronymn SRoZ in their life scrolls. Dice, GP, EXP and rank are optional. EXCEPTIONS you can have the Kingdom Name (Storm Riders of Zartenoth) in your life scroll OR a link to your Web portal (web site) with the acronym or name in it but the link MUST be in the Life Scroll.
--if you Work a job, you were given instructions on exactly what to put in your Life Scroll. If it is not there YOU are NOT employed.

The Queen-Regent

--The Leader is NOT exempt from any of the laws, rules or requirements.
--The Leader has the right to not award herself EXP for something that is required of everyone.
--The Leader must keep the Kingdom Active
--The Leader will interact with others and come up with interesting ways for memers to interact besides the normal sparring and recruiting.

***NOTES***If you are on leave and you wrote the GC or are marked on the Roster as such, you will be required to do SOMETHING for the Kingdom once a month until you are OFF leave.

If you are NOT on leave and fail to meet the requirements will result in EXP, gold, dice, rank taken away in amounts the GC sees fit to. Constant not doing what is required will result in being kicked out so if you have 60 gold no EXP and d20 dice you have one week to do something or you'll be removed.

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