The contents of the following page do not neccesarily express the views or interests of the web administrator.Also, these pictures are copyrighted. If anyone copies them, we are not responsible for the legal stuff. If people are easily offended by pictures with excess skin showing, or nudity then they should turn back now.

Members please take in consideration that pornography is prohibited and is offensive to many viewers. When submitting a portrait of yourself to be placed within the gallery to remember these few things:

1. that muns know where the pic came from and to include the info with the pic so I can put it in here.

copyright info such as Jonathan bowser and the link to his site would be reccommended

2. Totally nude pics will be prohibited.
3. If the pic is sexually seggestive (such as there is a guy in there feeling a womans croch the pic will not be displayed on this site, you may risk it on yours but not here)


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