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Hey everyone!

Lisa here, as you can see my butt is starting to finally move in high gear! I thought since my Personal page (which I have not worked on in quite awhile....) had a credits section so should this one since I did not make any of these graphics myself, and some text were not my own writings. So here goes:
I don't remember his name, just his old SN, but Karma Above was it and he is the one who made the laws and crimes section...and also made the original layout of the frames, which I took down, found the rune bars from god knows where and the overall website. It was then taken over by Taylor Ford, then by Brandon Strickland, who formed this domain. Now it is handled all by me, but I wanted to thank these gentlemen, who helped this website remain standing.

The graphics all came from various is that list:
For the Backgrounds 1000+ Backgrounds

For the fairies

For the medals....I cannot find the site...but I'm still looking!

The Banners were made here...get your own if you thing the banners I use are cool!

Of course I want to thank for this website and its HTML Gear for the Polls, Guestbook and whatever else I decide to use in the future from them.

for free use and signing up of their message boards.

The midis used have thier own respective copyrights and come from various sources which are too many to list because there are thousands of midi file sites on the World Wide Web and I don't deem it necessary to create a midi file. If you want a midi, ask me the mame of it or the page you found it on and I will send it to you.

Lastly I'd like to thank my members who helped with this site, you know who all of you are!

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