Membership Application

Aiyana Moonshyne presents to you, *The Storm Riders*; a Kingdom that is chaotic neutral and is designed for those whom are mature, dedicated and experienced people (Role Players,). It is for the best of what's left of Rhy'Din. Many will agree that Rhy'Din isn't the same place we all had once loved. A Kingdom for who feel they can add their unique skills. If you have received this application, the recruiter must've felt you are special, unique amongst men; Nonetheless, the person that sent the application to you thought you would be a fine, and welcome addition to the *Storm Riders*. Obviously, in return, you, the one filling this out, will have a lot expected from you. All Ranks have requirements and expectations, however some ranks will have additional applications to fill out. Please read, please look over the application and rankings carefully, and understand that we do things a little differently.
You are the future generation if you choose to be. Help make us stand out from other Guilds/Kingdoms, make it strong, defend it with all your heart. And like most Guilds/Kingdoms, we require and demand loyalty, as well as extreme honor. We will promote the idea that everyone is family, everyone is treated fairly. But know now, we of *The Storm Riders* will be here always, guarding the ages of past, present, and future. We are in the Forum, Zartenoth (ZLotCS). Help *Storm Riders* create a sociality that preserves the good aspect of Role playing. Please fill out the application below.

)~^~( StRoR )~^~(
Storm Riders of Rhy'Din
"We look for Quality not Quantity"

Tell Us About Yourself What is your (Characters) name (please include screen name in lower case): What race are you? Your race determines your Dice. 2d for mortals (human and hobbits,ect) 3d for supernaturals/immortals (elves, vampires, werewolves, fairy, angels, demons) 4d is restricted to supernaturals/immortals who pass the Zartenoth forum tests if interested please request to see what the requirements are. Gender? Alignment? Age? What does Loyalty and Honor mean to you? With your meaning stated please answer these next questions honestly: (a) What time Zone are you in? (pacific, mountain, central, eastern) (b) How much time will you spend with this kingdom? "as much time is needed" is NOT acceptable take in consideration how much time mun spends online take in consideration how many guilds you are already dedicated too consider the Requirements expected of members (c) What are your expectations for a guild or kingdom you have considered joining? (d) Why have you chosen the Storm Riders? (e) What are your strong and weak traits? (sparring, quests, details) (can you define roleplay? can you describe "walking in in a creative descriptive way?) (f) What Classes would you like to see or take in the School? (must be RP related) (This Kingdom has a School...the only subject being taught so far is basic sparring. If you have any ideas, or wish to teach a class yourself, submit your thoughts here) In a few sentences, please explain your background: Give the definition for these terms: (no exceptions fill out to the best of your ability, be specific DON'T JUST NAME THE ACRONYM..THAT IS NOT A DEFINiTION if a term is unfamiliar put I don't know) DM: SM: RM: (both terms) HM: POW: VCM: Procter: GC: SiC: TiC: DC: LC: Spar: MS: AA: IC: OOC: (( )): :: :: : IRL: Give the Dice string for the following: (no exceptions, complete to the best of your knowledge) (Initiative) spar: mass spar: 2d30: 3d40: 4d50: Are you in any Guilds? If so please state "Rank, Dice and Forum" if you are in more than 4 guilds DO NOT APPLY unless you are very certain you will have time for this one. Who recruited you? (Screen Name) Are you a spy or have been? (sentence is death if caught) Part II: Positions Please pick up to 5 positions you would like to be placed in number them 1 to 5; 1 being most desired 5 The least. Everyone who joins starts from the lowest position with d20 and works their way up Leadership spots have requirements such as having certain dice sides and a seperate app to fill out. *Legion of the Justice Defenders* Grand Duke: (LC) ~Knights~ * Knight Baron ( ) (DC) Page ( ) ~General Forces~ *Marquis ( ) (DC) Warrant Officer ( ) Sergeant ( ) Specialist ( ) Mercenaries ( ) Private ( ) * new people in the realm that need training ~Defenders Brigade~ *Duke (DC) (FILLED) Bodyguards ( ) Enforcers ( ) Warriors ( ) Elite Creatures (true animals not shifting to human form) ( ) Mercenaries ( ) *Legion of the Arcane Mystics* Grand Spellweaver: (LC) ~Mages of the Circle~ * Royal Arch Magus ( ) (DC) Warlock (males only) ( ) Enchantress (females only) ( ) (if you choose either rank here, an application needs to be filled out to register for an ID) ~Diviners and Truth Seekers~ *High Priest(ess) ( ) (DC) Acolytes ( ) Combat Medic ( ) Paladin ( ) (must be lawful good and trained in the knights division first) (all ranks within this division must apply for an ID number) ~Keepers of Innocence~ (ages 2-12) *Trusty Keeper ( ) (DC) (ages 14-16 only) Wee Warrior ( ) Mini Magician ( ) Liitle Knight ( ) Purity Healer ( ) Prankster ( ) Tattletale ( ) (the mini magician and purity healer, like other magic users need to apply for an ID number) *Legion of the Secret Society* Master of Intrigue: (LC) ~Special Forces~ *Commander of the Special Forces ( ) (DC) Assassins/Snipers/Ninja ( ) Trackers/Hunters ( ) Hunters of the Dead ( ) Fiend Stalkers ( ) **Trainers ( ) (trains privates and elite creatures) (assassins and any rank that requires killing as a job description needs to apply for an ID number as well) ~Interrigation and Information Networks~ *Commander of Intelligence ( ) (DC) Advisors ( ) Spies ( ) Rogues ( ) (Males ONLY) (thief) Seductress ( ) (Females ONLY)(thief) War Chancellor ( ) Diplomat ( ) Ambassador ( ) (all three in gray requires to see samples of your writing and negotiation skills) ~Kingdom Tradesmen~ Merchant ( ) Craftsmen ( ) Tender ( ) Bouncer ( ) Recruiter ( ) Instructor ( ) Bard/Minstrel ( ) (also requires a seperate application..this particular division is for people who love dealing with people in rooms and like to take it easy) ~Moonshyne's Storm Force~ *Earl ( ) (DC) Informers ( ) Asserters ( ) Grand Knight ( ) Royal Bodyguard ( ) Court Mage ( ) Royal Healer ( ) Court Jester ( ) Master Bard ( ) Royal Hunter ( ) Court Militant ( ) Master Trainer ( ) (the three ranks in this color require a seperate application. Like all these ranks, they are the top of the rankings beyond the others and are a high honor. As they are the Queen Regents personal faction and most trusted members) **SIDE NOTES** yes there are more ranks, the ones you see listed are what you start out with. The Storm Force Division is a rough one and a high honor. See the Queen-Regent (GC) for requirements. please note that ranks requiring ID numbers will not be given to you until you receive the number itself. Those that do not fill out the info to receive an ID will have a rank of Private UNTIL they register An * indicates a Division Leader position, if you have chosen one or more of these, tell us why we should choose you over someone else: IT ALSO REQUIRES A SEPERATE APPLICATION An ** indicates you want to be a Trainer. Tell us why you would be a good one and for what reasons you want this position, we will interview you....remember a Trainer helps the inexperienced become better, this includes other duties as well. I (screen name) by signing this, I realize fully that by breaking oath or committing treason will result in probation, dismissal from the Guild or death. I accept this and pledge my life, Loyalty and Honor to it. Check Laws before signing Send this to Aiyana to look over, you will get a response in one day or a couple from her. If you have any questions see her. copyright -Lisa Lassiter 1999-2001 )~^~( Storm Riders of Rhy'Din )~^~(