Traveler's Shop

When you walk in the entrance of this simple, one story stone building, there is a counter directly in front of the door that wraps around the right side and forms a bar. There are stools at the bar and several booths alined on the wall behind those stools. There is a door on the otherside of the bar that leads to the kitchen, and one behind the counter that leads to the storeroom. Some folk simply come here for the fine food and drink that can be purchased at the bar, while most come in to browse through the various wares and goods that adorn the walls and shelves that fill the buildings considerable length. All manner of weapons, armor, traveling clothes, backpacks, and the like can be purchased here. There are even a few magic items usually for sale here. And if there is an item you need that can't be found in the shop, that item can usually be gotten for you by the time you would sit down and have a meal. So stop on in, and take a look around! The shop was established by Morrolan Drien, but is now for sale. Feel free to inquire with the Queen-Regent about purchasing the shop if you think you'd like to make a living out of running this once fine establishment