This lush, green forest surrounds almost the entire Storm Riders Kingdom, reaching it's tendrils from the entranceway near the Recruit Lot, and going as far as the eye can see. From a distance, all that can be seen of the town and Castle proper are a few tall spires, the forest blanketing the rest from view. As you start down the roadway leading into the heart of the Storm Rider Kingdom, you can really begin to feel the magical nature of the forest that canopies the roadway...some find it soothing and calming, while others may get an eerie, ominous feel from it. Wisps of movement can be seen within the trees and plants surrounding the road, things that can be viewed for but a moment from the corner of your eyes, but if one cares to look directly for such, nothing is there. Fae folk and animals of all kinds inhabit the mystical forest, and as we all know their natures can be quite capricious. Most times, even members of the Kingdom will not be allowed to actually see any of the fae folk, although they will be given free passage through the forest, and even aided by the fae folk in times of great need, portals of a sort suddenly taking them to safe haven. Occasionally, pranks are played upon Kingdom peoples by the fae folk, but none of a malicious nature.
Those not of the Kingdom will have their own fates decided upon, by the intent that is in their hearts and minds. If you come in peace and on friendly terms, the most trouble you may have is a few pranks played upon you by the fae folk as you make your way down the winding road to the Kingdom proper. If you come with harmful intent, the fae will not be so first, they will work simple enough magics upon you, merely putting you in a state of confusion, and if need be diverting the very layout of the forest and roadway before you. Most times, you will simply and suddenly find yourself back at the entrance of the forest, wondering why you were there in the first place, feeling the need to leave the area, having no more desire to be there. If ye are too strong for such magics to affect you though, the fae folk will not hesitate to strengthen their resolve either. Many an arch-mage and powerful warrior has tried to push their way past the guardian fae, never to be seen or heard from again, their fates unknown by even the Queen-Regent of the Kingdom herself. Some things the fae will not share knowledge of with anyone.....Only the Queen of the Faeries will teach it if she deems you worthy, and to do that you must find her!

Will you? Or will you go back? If you continue along the path...a fork comes into view. You stop to ponder which direction you should take. The left, you can see from this distance will take you into know the distance is longer then your eyes tell you, as that looming castle is still quite small. Now the right takes you further in the forest where you can see a cave or den up ahead. As you approach it getting closer, your curiousity gets the better of you and you peek inside!

After the excitement has passed from the cave adventure you slow down as you realize you had been running. The birds chirp gleefully and looks peaceful and serene, when something catches your eye. A sparkle...yes a glittering catches your eye. You silently approach hoping to catch a glimpse of a fae or two. You touch it caught up in its glow, now you feel funny and dizzy.

When you regain focus you realize the landscape looks different and that another castle looms on ahead with an open valley.

Seems those naughty faeries played a prank on you!

Try retracing your steps and find that sparkle again and maybe the fae will be kind enough, with no tricks to guide you to the destination you seek!