Tourney Grounds

A large open field, surrounded by the Tranquil forest, set aside for the sole purpose of holding Tournaments and large events on. Occasionally, it will be used as a training ground for Kingdom wide mock warfare. An elaborate set of bleacher stands, with a back wall and roof, sets along one side of the grounds, intended for the nobility and guests to sit in during Jousts and other events. There are multiple sets of open bleachers set up, which can be moved around as Events dictate. There is a large barn/workshop set up at the far end of the fields, in which many props and materials are kept for various events, with the necessary tools available to construct items if necessary. The grounds set close enough to the StRoR stables that there is no need for extra stabling upon the grounds themselves. There is a roadway leading off directly to the SylverShyne Inn, where most guests during Tournaments can get their lodging, as well as one leading back to the Castle proper itself.