Storm Riders Tavern

This sizeable, sturdy stone building holds all manner of the finest, and strongest, drinks within it's walls. Upon entering the stout wooden door, you will gaze upon a large, polished wooden floor filled with finely crafted wooden tables and chairs, most being of the circular variety that can hold upto 8 people, but there are a few long tables where larger parties may sit in comfort. A couple of comfy couches also sit along the walls. To the right of the entrance sits the large, ornate, marble topped bar. The kitchens sit behind the bar, from which you can order a variety of appetizing foods. On the far side from the entrance is a hallway that leads to a few private rooms, and the restrooms. A large fireplace sits along both the wall the doorway is on, and along the opposite wall. At the wall on the far left of the door, a large space is cleared, where a set of dartboards sits along the wall, free for the patrons to use, and a (piano) sets in the corner as well. On occasion, a small stage is set up in this area for entertainers to put on a show.