The Recruit Lot

This rather simple, open lot sits alongside the roadyway, at the intersection where one may choose to turn and enter the lands of the Storm Riders Kingdom. A large welcoming banner looms over the beginning of the path leading to the lot, inviting folks to stop by and inquire about our Kingdom. A large, deep forest green canopy stands guard against the elements, covering the area in which peoples may sit comfortably. There are four large ornate wooden desks with padded chairs for the recruiters to sit at, with two chairs set in front of each for prospective recruitees to relax in while they talk. Four long, wooden tables, able to seat about ten people each, sit on the far side of the canopy from the desks, for the event that large numbers of people are here at once. There is a water basin at each table, and a large basket of fresh fruit availbable at each table as well, for the comfort of those who come. The only other semi-permanent building in the area is a privy/workshed, which sits a bit into the woods surrounding the lot.