The Faery Glade

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hi there this is a test!

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Beneath the silver-glowing moon,
There is a grassy hill.
Upon which faeires will play soon,
Until the air I still.

They'll dance together 'round and 'round,
And flip and trip and sing.
They'll fly around above the ground,
And from the tree's they'll swing.

Oh look, my lass and laddie sweet,
For you will see them there.
With sparkling wings and tiny feet,
And flowing golden hair.

Across the meadow laugh and run,
Bound along the stream,
Catch a comet sweeping by,
Slide down a moonbeam.

Land upon a pot o' gold,
Pick a four-leaf clover,
Dance and play with faeries bold
Until the night is over.

The Faerie Dance
By: A Kiwibox-er

The sound of many voices singing softly fade on the wind, as you lost track of the time exploring the Forest. You feel it has been only minutes since you entered and they played tricks on you, but as you look around you see the sun has set.
Fearing that you are now lost due to more trickery, you want to go back but yet your feet pull you ever forward and you cannot seem to will yourself to turn around. Despair sets in that the surrounding area has changed again and you find yourself cursing yourself for letting fancies take you in wanting to see damnable faeries... when, suddenly, little lights softly come toward you and buzz around your head. One yanks a strand of your hair, while three others nestle in it. One tugs on your ear, Two are chattering at you at onece and another kisses you on the nose with the sweetest of giggles. As you look at the tiny creature that had bestowed such affection on you, you realize it is a tiny lovely woman with wings..a FAERY!

An alluring voice behind you, sweet as honey speaks up amonst the chatter. "Do not be alarmed. They are just greeting you.."

Turning, despite the protests of ones making a nest in your hair, you behold a petite beautiful woman with brilliant caramel eyes and pale smooth skin, dressed in the leaves..or at least you think so.

"My name is Cerelia. You have passed the test and we have deemed you worthy to enter the Realm of the Fae."
She holds up a slender hand to forestall you from speaking, and you find yourself unable to go against what she wishes. "I am to be your guide. To protect you from further trickery and charms, for the Faery Queen herself wishes audience with you!"

You are stunned. You know the myths and legends of the Faery Queen and you know it has been known that only a very small few have seen her and returned to tell the tale. And she has chosen YOU to come see AND speak with her. The surprise surely showed because the chittering began again and Cerelia gave a soft melodic laugh. "Come it is not polite to keep the queen waiting" She beckons you to follow, and if you choose to you go deeper into the wood.