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Firestar's costume was made of thin light white silk embroidered with silver thread in feather patterns. It had scalloped sleeves that trailed the ground like huge wings. A snug fitting bodice flares out slightly into a floor length skirt tied up in the back to form a train that trails behind her like a birds tail. The silk shimmered slightly as if dusted with minute jewels like the firebird the gown was made to resemble. Her hair, left unbound falling like a silver waterfall down to the floor, held small braids with silver beads, small crystals, and medium sized firebird feathers. A mask made with smaller feathers of the same type and a beak that cleaver herasti had created completed her outfit.

Aiyana is dressed for a ball tonight, and looks the part of a Queen that she is. A porcelain mask rests in a dainty hide an angular face that holds exotic features of ivory skin and swirling hazel eyes. Her thick long brown hair is down up in an elaborate bun that is held up by a ruby and pearl encrusted circlet.
The gown she wore tonight, was to say the least was magnificent in its Elizabethian stlye of wine red, forest green and glittering gold. With slim but puffed sleeves the bodice is not to tight but does show a slight amount of bosom but her fanned collar is what draws the eyes attention. As the eyes travel downward to take in details...the skirts of the gown are wide, full and flowing. It was divided into two sections, red and gold serving as an open "coat" with rubies on it to reveal a patterned dress as it parted. Her small feet were hidden under the gown.

comments for the men

why shouldn't i vote for my own self? ::snickers::---UNKNOWN

Comments fof the women

Firestar...what more can I say? The name says it all...hope to see you around soon beautiful -anonymous

seems ANONYMOUS doesn't know how to follow directions....the note said to leave a comment on just Zabrinna or Aiyana, not to host a love interest. In any case not that my opinion matters...I choose the queen...she is one that hosted the event...and is truly a lady of elegance and deserves to be recognized...even though she herself would rather drop out of this ridiculous race.--------Aidan

This was a tough one, I do admit. Firestar sure put up a good fight, and I wish Abi's could have been up here as well, then it would have made my choice even tougher. At any rate, I choose Aiyana, even though, like Aidan said, she doesn't even want to be on here...what can I say, a picture's worth a thousand words......ShadowHeart

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