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Well the Results for the Ally poll are done..finally. Ring of Magus (RoM) never did get to me even though I did, in the end, to concede to be their allies..go figure right? Aanyhow these were our stats
22 Votes the time we had 44 Members
8 were yes
8 were no
6 were I dunno
Comments are below

1. "in my opinion, i don't think that we should become allies with RoM. i agree with Caitiff...why can't they just go on with their war? let them be...if they win, good for the. but i have a feeling they won't ::grins::" -Ramos Silverblade

2. "i do think that it is weird, and i agree with Lord Caitiff...if they want to fuse, why couldn't they fuse with OCS, ToCM, or D.E.A.T.H or something? i do not trust them at all...despite what i saw on the newsletter." -Adam Silverblade

3. I would be more comfortable about their request for alliance if they were not at war. - Seth, Private

4. I know too little about this guild/group to make a valued judgement upon whether we should accept the alliance or not. If you are wanting my honest and open judgement on it I will need more information about them. But I will have to agree with Caitiff. Something sounds rather strange about them. Before I can give an honest and valued judgement I will need to know, what they offer, what they ask for, their objectives, The truth about their day of birth, their strength and so on --The Dark Angel Duke and DC of the Defenders Brigade

It's none of my business whether the war is fought or not. Yes, I will fight in it, but I will fight as I am told and where I am told. I think the war will happen anyways, so my vote wouldn't matter either way. I don't know. Sorry. David Carisk

I am of the opinion that something is a little strange with this whole deal, if they are so much into helping others, why is that this is the first that we have heard of them, if their guild has been working since 1994, I just don't buy the laying low story. And why of all the guilds in RhyDin do they come to us?? I feel that it is not a wise decision for us to join at the present time As far as the war goes, why should we care if a new guidl gets squashed? It is none of our concern, and we are under no obligation to help those that cannot help themselves. Caitiff Darkmoon Mage of Clan Caitiff

Aiyana Moonshyne

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