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Here are frequently asked questions we have received about the site. If you have don't see an answer to your question, then ask us directly and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We will even add your question here. Just in case others may have the same one.

Please choose the section or question that best suits your interest.

On with the FAQ!

The Roleplay Nexus

Descent Into Darkness Drow Campaign


Storm Riders


The Roleplay Nexus

  • You buy feats with character points at the start and again through the same process every level you are allowed to, right?
  • Do I have to choose a core class?
  • What is the prestige class for?
  • Is there any wizard prestige classes that can be chosen?
  • Can I be the prestige class Archmage?
  • What is a Magistrati?
  • What do I do with points?
  • What do ranks mean?
  • Why Protect your Site?
  • When I go up a level which Class goes up?
  • Is spell sword a prestige class?
  • Can Spellswords cast at the level they are at?
  • Can Spellswords get special Feats?
  • Can I use your work and put it on my site for my players?
  • Do you know of any good standard FR elf race websites?
  • How do I begin the character creation process and when Iíve finished it how do I get involved with the various campaigns?
  • What are the inner and outer planes?
  • Pantheon is that a book? Do you know if the Pantheon is still in print?
  • Is Pantheon Forgotten Realms or D&D?
  • Can I join the Forums?
  • What is the Pale Master?
  • Could you recommend me some feats for necromancy and some general feats (for wizards),too?
  • The undead that are animated or created can they be turned or rebuked by a cleric?
  • Could you please clarify the Hexblade's ability of arcane resistance for me?
  • Where did Weapon Finesse come from?
  • How do you do your spell lists?
  • What spells do you have?

    Descent Into Darkness [ Drow Campaign ]

  • Are you accepting players?
  • What time do you play your drow campaign?
  • What do you think are the survival possibilities of a 6th lvl char in a group of drow, knowing the way most drow act...?
  • What starting points would my character have?
  • Can I use your work and put it on my site for my players?
  • Is it possible for a drow to be neutral good?
  • Do you have any information you have on the Gauth Grottoes?
  • Do the RP info books detail the ritual that turns drow into driders?
  • Would Anthro Characters happen to be allowed into the Campaign?
  • Can my character be a slave?
  • What about sex and mating issues?
  • What are sexual checks and what is it based off of?
  • So everyone starts out at level one?
  • Anything you suggest I read?
  • I was just wondering if this was a College of some sort.
  • Do you have some info on Menzoberranzan?
  • Do the drow receive any Weapon Group Feats?
  • Do the weapon Group Feats stack with classes?
  • What is the starting cash for my character?
  • Do the drow get an equipment bonus?
  • Can my character take the thug regional feat?
  • Do drow get the Cosmopolitan Feat?
  • Can I get a Bloodline feat?
  • What is the formula for Spell Resistance and Psionic?
  • Would a CE priestess of Lolth fit in the setting?


  • Are you accepting players?
  • Can I use your work and put it on my site for my players?

    Storm Riders

  • Are you accepting players?
  • Can I use your work and put it on my site for my players?


  • Where are you located?
  • Hey would it be possible for me to use some of your gifs?
  • Will the message boards get more active?
  • Do you do link exchanges?
  • Do you have a banner?
  • Are your Images free to use?
  • Can you send me a midi file?
  • Theft?
  • How do you run your campaign?

    Where are you located?
    Well Mike is from Pennsylvania and I'm from Virginia. I lived with him for 2 years in PA, but we moved to Virginia in May 2003. So that would make us in Virginia currently! You can read more about the Webmasters at the About Us Section

    Are you accepting players?
    Please go to here for more details or simply contact the DM and you'll be interviewed!
    Zartenoth and Storm Riders have applications, but need to be revised, so please inquire at a later time thank you.

    What time do you play your drow campaign?
    Offline it flopped.
    ONLINE: Game time every Wednesday and Saturday nights (unless DM states otherwise) at 9 or 10 PM EST. Sessions usually last into the wee hours of the morning like 2 or 3 AM. But if you want to game earlier then request what time to the DM or myself ^_^
    You can cross reference or check to see if we are gaming by going HERE That link is good to check, because the DM's schedule can fluctuate and lately it has.
    Zartenoth and Storm Riders currently isnít running, please check back at a later time.

    I was on the verge of creating a char but then I checked out the already existing Players.... Level 11+ the lot of them plus a level 35 and a half dragon. I still want to play but I don't want to be the comic relief in the scenario.
    What do you think are the survival possibilities of a 6th lvl char in a group of drow, knowing the way most drow act...?

    My char and vesz'aun have been playing since July 2001 so you can probably see why I have 17 now. As for the other characters with 35 or over levels are characters from another campaign crossed over to this one and are more or less NPC's to help the main characters only when they get into a serious jam..and sometimes not even be there when the main players need them..so it makes the campaign hard AND easy depending on the session and situation.
    COGLIOSTRO (MIKE) SAYS: I agree that 6th level is a bit too far behind with the current stats for some of the players, so we'll work with you on that. If you are going to play a drow, the easiest thing to do would to have your character originally be from Menzoberranzan, and have lived there long enough to go through the Academy. That grants an extra three automatic levels ( Fighter 1, Wizard 1, Cleric 1), to reflect the training period spent there before you start down whatever career you then choose. If you wish to play another race entirely, I will work something out to give a similar bonus, so that you will start out at 13th level. And either way, it will not take much to catch up to the 15th+ level characters :).

    Lets say i make myself a drow. I get 60 starting character points that way, that I spent on Drow Spell-Like Abilities, Spell Resistance, Darkvision and a bunch of other stuff. I also got some flaws and I ended up with 30 leftover points. So I decide to make him a F2/C1/M3/T4 (I used the Academy training option you suggested). I move over to the Thief option and I come up to Starting Character Points:75
    So is that in addition to my leftover points, and if it is do all the classes add up their points? Because if they do I'll end up with a lot of points. If I'm getting this right I can create real flexible characters, which is good. IF I'm getting this right.
    You buy feats with character points at the start and again through the same process every level you are allowed to, right?

    Alrighty, your on the right track. You do add up the starting character points from every class, and for each additional level in each class, you get another 5 character points. (i.e. if you took thief 3, then you'd get the starting character point total, +10 extra points) Add the racial (in this case drow) character points to that total as well. Basically, the easiest way to do it is add up each classes starting character points + the racial starting character points + any flaws you purchase + the five points for every extra level above 1st in each class = total character points. Then go start buying options from the classes, race options, general merits, general spellcaster options, etc.
    The combat maneuvers and item creation skills (oh yeah, gotta get a separate page up for them) can be bought with skill points as well as character points. To get the maximum character points, consider the thief class your starting class, as they get far more than anyone else, and the one time X4 bonus only applies to the first level you take period. So add up all your skill points after you've done the character point process, and spend away again.
    All said and done, there is indeed room for a very flexible and well rounded character. I have no problem with anyone taking lots of Flaws to get some more points...I enjoy taking them just so I can later develop a cool character history around the flaws, and integrate them all.

    Ok...as I am just starting out do I have to choose a core class? What is the prestige class for?
    To join the campaign, yes you need to have at least one core class.
    Prestige classes are not something you need to take but might be nice have depending on what you are into.

    Is there any wizard prestige classes that can be chosen?
    There are plenty..but not all are useful. Look here to give you a run down of what might fit your char best. If something is not on our list, then more than likely we donít use it and wonít make exceptions.

    Can I be the prestige class Archmage?
    Not unless you're a 13th level wizard. ^_^

    Under multiclass combos thereís one that says Magistrati ( Cleric of Azuth/Wizard) what is that about?
    That means you serve the god Azuth and you mix priest and wizard spells together. .your char has to be lawful neutral and split your levels 3 for priest and 3 for wizard..other than that you can take it.

    Umm it said 60 points or so for drow and then it said 55 for wizard..whats up with that?
    Add those together..any class and race add the points together..and also getting flaws.. make sense?

    When it says 5 ranks in knowledge arcana whatís that mean?
    That you have to have 5 skill points/ranks in it. A rank means what you have total in a skill, or what you put into it.

    Hey would it be possible for me to use some of your gifs they are very cool...I have started a Bregan D'aerthe Clan for the game Promisance. Game website is www.prom.ezclan.net..
    Yes it is possible by going here and giving CREDIT like we did ^_^ Cool site by the way!!

    At the moment the message boards do not seem to be active by any others but yourself, so I was curious if there were players doing things elsewhere or if the group is currently being finished and then will gather more players?
    We would love if folks would use the boards more. Hey for all of you non AOLers do feel free to use the board OR non AOLer's can download AOL Instant Messenger so the AOLer's can interact with AIM users in IM's as well as chat rooms! But if Constant minute after minute interaction is not for you then please join our Message Board. It is a more relaxed pace and full of interesting things to do and say!

    Hi, I was going through your Descent into Darkness site (very well done site by the way) and I was looking through the classes, trying to figure out how many starting character points I would have but the fighter class doesn't have any starting character points listed. It also doesn't have any prices for the optional class features. I was just hoping you could get me that information whenever it is convenient so I can create and submit my character. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
    Hello! Thank your for your kind comments and interest in our site. I hope you will join...so far we have 12 official players and 7 unofficial players (that don't want stats perse but like our Storyline) We are taking away the point system..got many a complaint that the character creation process is too confusing, so we are trying something different. I will make sure the DM (xxcogliostroxx) writes you back with more detail and whatnot as he knows more about it than I do. We hope to here from you soon and thanks again!
    Lisa (Xull'rae mun)
    MIKE AKA COGLIOSTRO SAYS:Hi there, First off, thanks for the kind comments, that sorta stuff is always appreciated. Heh, anyways, I believe Xull'rae wrote a short note to you earlier about the site being revised. After many months of tedious toil on the point system, we've come across too many complaints about the character creation process being too involved and complicated, so I decided to attempt a streamlining on it...just last week, as a matter of fact. Anyhow, I'm trying to simply the process by removing the actual "points" from it, using something along the lines of 3rd Editions Feats system, but maintaining the ability to round out a character better by adding most of the 2nd Edition Players Option, well, options, in as new Feats...and alloting a Feat or two for each level a character gains, instead of the normal one Feat every few levels. In addition, we'll keep the concept of Flaws for the character creation process, which will allow players to take multiple extra Feats at first level if they so choose...I'm simply going to rate certain optional Feats as needing either a Major or Minor Flaw in order to take it.
    Heh, if I've lost you in all the blabber, forgive me. I've been working on the character creation revisions all day today, and will do likewise tomorrow...so I should be done by Sunday, allowing people to create characters and/or revise their old ones.
    Anyways, I'll stop yammering now...if you have any more questions, or if I've forgotten to answer one, please feel free to ask, and again, thanks for showing an interest in our gaming group!
    Mike (the guy who pretends to be a DM on occasion, and actually manages to fool a few people into believing it)


    Why protect your sight and stop other people from copying it. if you were old school players you would share the info so others can also access it.
    besides to by pass your protection just edit, select all, edit , copy
    thanks it was a great site just need to elaborate on cities more maybe also change the fonts for the main tab page since some of it is hard to read

    We are not trying to protect our site from being copied. We are very aware of how to edit and copy..matter of fact that is what we tell folks to do when they really need to copy something.
    Now we found a better one that allows you to right click on text, so enjoy We use the protection for humor as we try to put a different saying on each page and we are protecting graphics not text.. most folks just right click and steal without a care to whom it belongs..you may not care about that issue, but we do, so with the right click disabled most are too lazy to try anything else. Though graphics are not protected either in truth, but it fun to see e-mails coming in, telling us what we already know! Shows who reads the FAQ and who doesn't. ^_~
    Thank you very much for the comment, we have been working hard on the site but we are not anywhere near done, however you can click here, this will take you to any desired updated info regarding cities. As for the font..we changed the layout and the font...So hope all the visitors like it better.
    Thanks so much for taking the time telling us what you think we really appreciate it, and hopefully with more people like you will tell us what they think so we can make this site better. Stop back regularly as we make updates almost everyday and add stuff when we can!

    I have lots of classes. When I go up a level which Class goes up?
    We use 3.5 edition for that rule so we use just ONE chart for all classes. This means YOU choose which class goes up

    Is spell sword a prestige class?
    Yes it is, which means you need to meet the requirements to get that specific class. Find out what they are by clicking here.

    Can Spellswords cast at the level they are at? Like if the Spellsword is Lvl 3 than can they cast 3rd level Spells?
    No... as far as casting spells goes, for a Spellsword, every other level you effectively add a level to wizard, so at 2nd level, 4th level, and so on up to 10th, add 1 level to your wizard class levels to determine spells you can cast per day, and what spell level you can access. So at level 3 wizard, plus level 3 spellsword, you gain spells as if you were a 4th level wizard

    Can Spellswords get special Feats?

    Do you do link exchanges?
    Yes we do. Just check HERE and contact us and we will put you on our Links page, PROVIDED you do the same or it wouldn't be an exchange.

    Do you have a banner?
    YES! You can check out any banners HERE ^_^ Be sure to link back to the appropriate site.

    Are your Images free to use?
    NO. We received permission for the pictures on the site. Therefore you have to do the same. Ask US before you take anything. We may tell you to contact someone else if we are prohibited from granting those requests.

    Can you send me a midi file I like the music on the page?
    Yes just send your request to Xull'rae and she will send you the requested file. In certain cases she may tell you to give the name and artists of the midi and place it on your site. This is a rare thing but please be courteous and do what she says.

    Can I use your work and put it on my site for my players?
    Yes but be sure it's for non profit and that you link to our site as the reference you received the information from. Also bear in mind that you give credit to wizards of the coast, or other companies because it is where we got our material from (usually weíll state the work).

    Is it possible for a drow to be neutral good? Thanks.
    Yes it possible, but they usually reside on the surface and worship the dark maiden (Eilistraee). This means if you want to play a good aligned character, (which we DO allow in) will have problems fitting in the campaign and be on the majority of the "party's" kill list if they are not keeping their good nature's a secret.

    Just wanted to send you a bit of praise, but also ask for a favor. So far your site seems to be the most up to date, concise, informative, drow site I've seen on the web. Thank you for your dedication to the drow and their proper portrayal in fantasy.
    My favor would be for you to either send me, at the email above, any information you have on the Gauth Grottoes, including layout and inhabitants. I see on your Sshamath page reference made to there being more information on the Gauth Grottoes below the Sshamath information, but the Sshamath information isn't completed yet either. I understand why this is, we all have real lives to attend to, but I would be eternally indebted to you if you gave me this information. Any use of it will have a credit to you and your site of course!
    Thank you for any response.

    Hi there, thank you kindly for the positive feedback. Unfortunately, there isn't very much information on the Gauth Grottoes, but happy to send you what is available. If we happen across anything further, we'll forward that along as well in future. It can be viewed here

    I was wondering if you know of any good standard FR elf race websites. As in, wood, wild, sun, and moon. It would be very nice of you to help me out. The link to elves paradise or something on your links page is broken or the website went down.
    No, but if we come across any we will add it to our site and notify you about it.

    My main question is simply, how do I begin the character creation process and when Iíve finished it how do I get involved with the various campaigns. I am new here and I hope it is not a burden for you guys to show a new person the ropes. I have a few ideas I just need to know where and how to begin.
    First go HERE. Once you read this fully, please post your concept on our Waiting List.
    This will help us get a look at your ideas and where you could possibly fit in the campaign. We haven't turned anyone away yet, though we do reserve the right to refuse anyone within reason. Once reviewed and accepted the real DM will help you sort out your levels and assist you in getting stats.
    Keep in mind that the information you send, may be given suggestions by the DM especially where classes are concerned. This is to help balance the party so no one is overpowering the group. Getting a reply may take awhile, as the DM has been extremely busy lately. However you always find a friendly face on this board, so in the waiting process feel free to hang out and possibly get to know the group.

    Just wondering if one of the RP info books details the ritual that turns drow into driders, if it has a name, et cetera. Needa learn how it's done if it's actually explained. :D
    Get the book Faiths and Pantheons and turn to page 182. It is explained there. If you cannot afford the book please click here.

    Would Anthro Characters happen to be allowed into the Campaign? Just thought I would ask. Looks like a D&D Campaign.
    The answer at this time is vague. There are not necessarily straight up anthro's as people know them, but there are were type creatures and of course Minotaurs (human/bull). As for the Human/Cat, there are Wemics, Tabaxi's, Sibeccai, Sakarza, and Siyth. We do not have information of these on our site, we will add them eventually as the DM sees fit.

    Can my character be a slave?
    Yes your character can, but if they are non drow they will mostly likely be used as pets for their young, personal servants to cook and clean (VERY rare) or used for hard labor. If your character is a drow, servitude is usually the outcome and the term slave, rarely used or acknowledged.

    What about sex and mating issues?
    Well if you join the campaign, sex and levels of description is up to each individual player, so be polite and ask, don't assume they are comfortable replying to your advances. Most description is vague, with groping here and there but the actual act is simply stated without detail. As for a group activity involving that, that is up to the DM and the players, but I can tell you it will be rare or most likely not at all. It is NOT the DM's job to fulfill erotic fantasies. We are here to role-play not cyber in front of everyone.

    Can you tell me how do PC handle situations in which sex occurs? I mean variables, DC checks and stuff..?
    It really depends on each player to consent their character in a sexual sitution, after that we use rules from the Book of Erotic Fantasy which will be added to the site later.

    What are the inner and outer planes?
    The Outer Planes include The Nine Hells, Olympus, Elysium, Bytopia, etc.
    The Inner Planes Include the elemental, para -, and quasi elemental.

    So everyone starts out at lvl one correct?
    No since our campaign has been going on for 4 years players who start out will range from level 6-13.

    Anything you suggest I read?
    Well depending on your character concept, the drow pantheon would be good reading material..Vhaeraun and Eilistraee are the only complete write ups we have though.

    Pantheon is that a book? Do you know if the Pantheon is still in print?
    Faiths and Pantheons. That's what the book is called and should still be in print as it is not that old.

    Is the book D&D or Forgotten Realms?
    Both. Forgotten Realms is what the book is produced under, but the Realms belong to D&D.

    I was just wondering if I could join. Not for the game (although it sounds fabulous), but for access to the forums, art galleries, game RULES... etc.-as this is probably the best out of all the sites dedicated to everyone's favorite race (or, at least a campaign in a city of theirs). Please consider my request, as this really is an excellent site for information and other things pertaining to drow!
    Yes signing up for the boards is completely free. Thank you for the compliments, we do try to appease the masses. If you use any of our material please give us credit and a link back (if applicable) As for the art, we cannot grant you permission, ask the artist like we did. All Commissions are off limits for use. We paid for them and they are our concepts.

    What is the Pale Master?
    It is an arcane prestige class. Read in detail about it HERE

    Could you recommend me some feats for necromancy and some general feats (for wizards),too?
    That would be a big write up, instead check our Feat List. If this is not informative then we recommend that you pick up The Complete Arcane and The Libris Mortis book.

    The undead that are animated or created can they be turned or rebuked by a cleric?
    Yes if the cleric is higher level or the same level as the person that created the undead.

    I was just wondering if this was a College of some sort.
    No it is a campaign roleplay site. Mainly for AD&D. More or less a hobby fan site, meant for fun but information as well.

    I was wondering you have some info on Menzoberranzan?
    Yes click HERE.

    I will have to say that I enjoyed your web page up until the time while scrolling down and marveling at all the effort put into your article. When I was slapped on the wrist, my opinion is that if you are that afraid of theft perhaps you should get counseling.
    If you took the time to write a response then perhaps it is you who has an issue and need counseling on your attitude. "The slap on the wrist" as you call it is a measure we take because it is our site that we worked hard on. We took down the one code that was annoying, now all it does it pop up when you click on pictures and not the whole site like before. If you can stop bandwithing by all means show us how so we can take the code down altogether.

    Could you please clarify the Hexblade's ability of arcane resistance for me?
    It's a bonus to saving throws. It does not stack with natural spell resistance.

    I noticed Improved Weapon Finesse in the list of feats. This wasnít mentioned on your feat list though. Where did this feat come from?
    Heroes of High Favor: Elves from Bad Axe Games, LLCģ

    I notice a spot for psionic resistance. I don't have any of the psionic books, but on the sheets for other characters it seem to be ten less than spell resistance. Is this the right formula?
    Yes that is the correct formula.
    If you are a psionic based class your resistance will always be 10 higher than your spell resistance, and if you're a caster based class your spell resistance would be 10 higher than your psionic.

    About Weapon Groups... I was reading up about them in "Unearthed Arcana" and wanted to check on some things. It lists the core classes and the groups they receive. For ranger it's the Basic group and any three. For the bard, Basic and any two. Does this mean my character would have a total of the Basic group and five other groups?
    Yes, weapon groups gained from additional classes work just like gaining normal weapon proficiencies from a new class or prestige class that offers some.

    Also, it lists some character races and some Weapon Groups they get for free, such as elves. Do the drow receive any?
    Yes, Yes, drow gain proficiency in some individual weapon types (no groups, though), namely Hand Crossbow, Rapier, and Short Sword.

    What's the starting cash of a brand new character in your campaign?
    You start at level 13 so your starting money will be 110,000 gc.

    Do characters get the drow bonus equiptment listed in "The Player's Guide to FaerŻn?"
    No, It can be assumed to be part of the 110,000 gp worth of equipment that you start out with, but I'm not forcing anyone to "deduct" those items from the starting wealth.

    I notice Thug isn't listed with any regional requirements, does that mean any character can take it in this campaign?
    Yes, anything listed without a regional requirement is free for anyone to use in the campaign.

    I notice that elf (Underdark) was added to the regional requirements for Cosmopolitan. I assume this would mean drow, but wanted to be sure?
    Yes, that means Drow. Listed it that way because it was done so for other drow regional info.

    Bloodline feats give bonus spells known. Is this just for sorcerors or do bards get them as well?
    Yes and no, if you are a sorceror. Bards do not get anything. The Bloodline feats in question are for Sorcerers only, a reflection of the ancestry that granted them the ability to be sorcerers.

    How do you run your campaign? Is it simply done in a chatroom or do you use some online RPG program?
    We use AOL and the AIM program, using their chat room services.

    Would a Chaotic Evil Priestess of Lolth fit into your campaign setting?
    Most likely not. It is a good idea to read our Guidelines before submitting a concept.

    Do you use a database to collect the spell on your site or is it all done by hand?
    Xull'rae does the spell list by hand when she cannot find sources like downloadable files to copy from. She also occasionally receives help from players, but over half the list is done by hand.

    Do you have more spells than just the letters A & B so far?
    Yes. We update constantly, so keep checking back! We plan to add all spells eventually!

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