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Below are the various Domains you may select from. Each deity allows access to certain Domains, so be sure to check what your selected deity allows before choosing. The POWER listed under each Domain is the granted power that the deity bestows upon you for choosing that Domain. The SPELLS are what the deity grants you access to upon your gaining access to each spell level, usable once per day each.

If you are confused on how spells work, because you are a first time gamer, or do not play spellcasters often, PLEASE read this ERRATA on how to read spells. It is extremely useful and is written by D&D official, Skip Williams.

Changes from the FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Setting
The list of deities for each domain includes a few changes from the domain list in the FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Setting. The addition of the Cold and Repose domains (the latter introduced in Faiths and Pantheons) requires some slight shifting of domains. The affected deities are:
Auril: Air, Cold, Evil, Storm.
Jergal: Fate, Law, Repose, Rune, Suffering.
Kelemvor: Fate, Law, Protection, Repose, Travel.
Osiris: Good, Law, Plant, Repose, Retribution.
Ulutiu: Animal, Cold, Law, Ocean, Protection.
Urogalan: Earth, Halfling, Law, Protection, Repose.

We use D&D domains as well as other d20 systems, so if it is wrong in your D&D book, it is because we have added new domains from other books, some have the same domain name. Please choose which domain you'd like to use. Sometimes they can be completely different from each other (having different powers AND spells).
If the DM wishes, this rule may change or be omitted entirely, so please ask if you are unsure, he may want you to use D&D spells only, so it's important to ask.

(From the Player’s Guide to Faerūn, Player’s Handbook 3.5)
DEITIES: Azuth, Boccob, Corellon Larethian, Hanali Celanil, Isis, Laduguer, Mystra, Savras, Set, Thoth, Vecna, Velsharoon, Wee Jas
POWER: Use scrolls, wands, and other devices with spell completion or spell trigger activation as a wizard of one-half your cleric level (at least 1st level). For the purposes of using a scroll, or other magic device, if you are also a wizard, actual wizard levels and these effective wizard levels do stack.


  • 1) Nystul's Magic Aura
  • 2) Identify
  • 3) Dispel Magic
  • 4) Imbue with Spell Ability
  • 5) Spell Resistance
  • 6) Antimagic Field
  • 7) Spell Turning
  • 8) Protection from Spells
  • 9) Mordenkainen's Disjunction

    (From the d20 Ultimate Divine Spellbook)
    POWER: Use scrolls, wands, and other devices with spell completion or spell trigger activation as a wizard of one-half your cleric level (at least 1 equal level). For the purposes of using a scroll, or other magic device, if you are also a wizard, actual wizard levels and these effective wizard levels do stack.


  • 1) Magic Aura, Undectable Aura
  • 2) Identify
  • 3) Dispel Magic
  • 4) Imbue with Spell Ability
  • 5) Spell Resistance
  • 6) Antimagic Field
  • 7) Spell Turning, Crippling Fog
  • 8) Protection from Spells, Steal the Thunder
  • 9) Mage's Disjunction

    (From the d20 Ultimate Divine Spellbook)
    POWER: You gain the bardic knowledge ability, rolling your Intelligence modifier plus half your caster level. If you have another class that provides you with bardic knowledge, you add half your divine caster level to that class's modifier.


  • 1) Identify
  • 2) Read Spirit Echo
  • 3) Modify Memory
  • 4) Legend Lore
  • 5) Permanency
  • 6) Find the Path
  • 7) Owl's Wisdom, Mass
  • 8) Discern Location
  • 9) True Resurrection

    (From the Player's Guide to Faerūn)
    DEITY: Deep Duerra
    POWER: Once per day, you can generate a mental ward that grants any creature you touch a resistance bonus on its next Will saving throw equal to your level +2. Activating this power is a standard action, and the effect lasts for 1 hourThe mental ward is a spell-like ability and an abjuration effect.


  • 1) Confusion, Lesser
  • 2) Detect Thoughts
  • 3) Clairaudience/Clairvoyance
  • 4) Modify Memory
  • 5) Mind Fog
  • 6) Rary’s Telepathic Bond
  • 7) Antipathy
  • 8) Mind Blank
  • 9) Astral Projection

    (From the Player's Guide to Faerūn)
    DEITIES: Dumathoin, Flandal Steelskin, Gond, Grumbar, Laduguer
    POWER: You gain Martial Weapon Proficiency or Exotic Weapon Proficiency (as appropriate) and Weapon Focus (see our site’s campaign house rules if you plan to take this domain upon joining) with your choice of hammer as bonus feats. You need not meet the prerequisites for these feats.


  • 1) Magic Weapon
  • 2) Heat Metal
  • 3) Keen Edge
  • 4) Rusting Grasp
  • 5) Wall of Iron
  • 6) Blade Barrier
  • 7) Transmute Metal to Wood
  • 8) Iron Body
  • 9) Repel Metal or Stone

    (From the d20 Ultimate Divine Spellbook)
    POWER: By expending one turning attempt, you may add your level as a bonus to any single Profession (mining), or Knowledge (engineering) check.


  • 1) Magic Stone
  • 2) Detect Hazard
  • 3) Extract Ore
  • 4) Stone Shape
  • 5) Pick Hands
  • 6) Stone Tell
  • 7) Transmute Rock to Mud
  • 8) Transmute Mud to Rock
  • 9) Imprisonment

    (From the Player's Guide to Faerūn)
    DEITIES: Eilistraee, Hathor, Malar, Sehanine Moonbow, Selūne, Sharindlar
    POWER: Turn or destroy lycanthropes as a good cleric turns undead. This ability is usable a total number of times per day equal to 3 + your CHA modifier.


  • 1) Faerie Fire
  • 2) Moonbeam
  • 3) Moon Blade
  • 4) Good Hope
  • 5) Moon Path
  • 6) Permanent Image
  • 7) Insanity
  • 8) Animal Shapes
  • 9) Moonfire

    (From the d20 Ultimate Divine Spellbook)
    POWER: You can inspire courage once per day (as the bardic music ability). If you possess levels in the bard class, your maximum rank in the Perform skill is your level +6.


  • 1) Ventriloquism
  • 2) Sound Burst
  • 3) Sculpt Sound
  • 4) Shout
  • 5) Mind Fog
  • 6) Break Enchantment
  • 7) Holy Word
  • 8) Irresistible Dance
  • 9) Wail of the Banshee

    (From the d20 Ultimate Divine Spellbook)
    POWER: Darkvision of 60 feet; if you already have darkvision, you can now see in the dark in full colour and through Deeper Darkness and all lower level darkness spells.


  • 1) Sleep
  • 2) Darkness
  • 3) Deeper Darkness
  • 4) North Star
  • 5) Dream
  • 6) Moonbeam
  • 7) Constellation
  • 8) Moonglow
  • 9) Shooting Stars

    (From the Complete Warrior, Player’s Guide to Faerūn)
    DEITIES: Altua, Heironeous, Horus-Re, Lathander, Milil, Nobanion, Pelor, Red Knight, Siamorphe
    POWER: You have the spell-like abilities to inspire allies, giving them a *+1 morale bonus (as stated in the Player's Guide to Faerūn it is +2 in the Complete Warrior) on saving throws, attack and damage rolls, abilitiy checks and skill checks. Allies must beable to hear you speak for 1 round. Using this ability is a standard action. It lasts a number of rounds equal to your Charisma bonus and can be used once per day.
    * Both books are from D&D, Complete Warrior came before Player's Guide to Faerūn, so the guide is the more updated version. However DM's should use whichever book they have available for their campaign


  • 1) Divine Favor
  • 2) Enthrall
  • 3) Magic Vestment
  • 4) Disern Lies
  • 5) Command, Greater
  • 6) Geas/Quest
  • 7) Repulsion
  • 8) Demand
  • 9) Storm of Vengeance

    (From the d20 Ultimate Divine Spellbook)
    POWER: You are immune to normal poison and disease contracted by ingestion.


  • 1) Detect Animals or Plants
  • 2) Goodberry
  • 3) Create Food and Water
  • 4) Death Ward
  • 5) Commune with Nature
  • 6) Heroes' Feast
  • 7) Restoration, Greater
  • 8) Regenerate
  • 9) Energy Drain

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