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RPGmaker 2000 Realm

Forgotten Legacy Download is here!!! Get it "Here!" You also need to put The Water Chip in the charset folder! Announcing a new staff member, he has no name yet. My chipsets are coming soon! Game Screenshots of Forgotten Legacy. Current Game Completeness 55% (Not counting the adding of custom features, systems, and sidequests.) ~Magikoopa 03/29/02

Good News, Bad news

Yes you heard me, I come bearing news. Forgotten Legacy is on hold at the moment. I'm going off on another Rm2k mission, this one is going to make it big. A few friends and I are working on a team rpg, in other words, our own rpg creation team. I'm the main programmer, and I'm also designing half the maps. The game's storyline is still on the drawing board, but the basics should be planned out by the end of spring break. Which leads me to the next news topic.

Spring Break is here!!!

Woooo! All you high school students know it, it's that time! The time to be outside doing stuff, having a good time, playing pool, or you could just be like me and sit round the house and play video games and work on your rpg all day. Whatever you do, enjoy it... While it lasts.

New Chipsets, Charsets, Panoramas, to be added

Well, when I fix the water in the Sd3 rabite forest I'll add 4 of em. Panoramas, I only have one of so far, and the charset is some rips of sd3, like grass blowing in the wind, and some waterfalls. I hope to add them soon.

Magikoopa, Member of the rm2k Development Dream Team... :) 03/21/02

Your typical Fl news

First update in a while, I've been working a lot on Forgotten Legacy and I'm quite happy with it. Some minor bugs have been fixed, like not being able to leave Dryad Castle after entering. I really hope to get to next demo up soon. Added a link to a review, and updated screenshots from the newest areas. The layout and looks of these places may change a little, just to let you know. The review is by Psygon and it's right Here. I know, I'm too lazy to change the layout, and I'll put it in frames on the next update. Hopefully I'll also be able include a links section and more.

Forgotten Legacy 2 announced!

Okay, so it's nothing big, but I'm already doing planning for it. It probably won't be titled forgotten Legacy 2, but it will start where Fl1 left off. There's not much more to say except, if I'm up to taking the time, the game will have a CBS, possibly side view, or a Chrono Trigger Style CBS.

Magikoopa, The one who made a program that says I like pie O_O


New staff member Wonder if he'll stay...

Update! Magikoopa is back, and I'm announcing a new staff member here. Forgotten Legacy has quite a bit more areas in it. I have edited a lot of chipsets and char sets also. I'm also thinking of a side project. I haven't decided on a name for it yet, I'm thinking something with Empire, chaotic, etc. It will have a CBS, chrono Trigger style, and revolve around 8 or 9 planets fighting for possession of a certain treasure. The layout still sucks, but oh well. The page will have frames soon.

Magikoopa, Webmaster of Rm2krealm


Forgotten Legacy demo is here!

I am back with the demo to my first game, Forgotten Legacy. The demo is about 37 minutes long if you know where everything is at. The link below is for the game download in a zip file, which means you need a program like Winzip to open it. My chipsets and panorama are not ready for download yet. Here's the link. Forgotten Legacy


New Rm2k site, Party!

This is Magikoopa, Webmaster of this site. This is my new site, a sister site to Nrealm. I'll be working on it as much as possible, and I'll also be adding some of my custom chipsets, charsets, and panoramas. The current staff of this site is only 2 and it shall grow eventually. The layout right now isn't how it will be since I plan to change it soon.

Magikoopa, who has a Dream...

Game Screenshots
ATTENTION!!! This file wasn't included in the game and you need it for Forgotten Legacy to work properly. Put this Water_Chip.png file in the Charset folder. This is not one of my char sets, and I take no credit for it.
The Water Chip
Game Info:

Forgotten Legacy Review.