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PC adventure review x2!

Written : 03/10/04

Well as I have kept these games a secret or at least the games in my article a secret from at least Ryan (don’t know if anyone else knows I’m writing it) (ED: Is it just me or did that make very little sense?) These are 2 of the greatest games I’ve ever played. They are so simple, yet difficult because both games require logic. They are both absolutely hilarious too. If you haven’t played either of these games I suggest you do. I have the first one, so if anyone would like it just ask.

There have been many great games that I have played but none seem to compare to this classic game:

Yes, this game! With the classic game Sam being the dog who’s almost always serious but still humorous nonetheless and Max the hyperactive rabbit who always needs to use the bathroom when you go into the gas station. First of all, this game is one where you choose from various commands like look, touch talk or take. You also need to acquire items to complete the game. Every item in this game that you get, you need. Some of the puzzles are very simple but some are also tough, doesn’t mean they are impossible; you just need to think about it and use some real logic. (ED: And sometimes you need to throw logic out the window.)

The reason why Sam and Max are out and about is that Bruno the Bigfoot (who was frozen in a big ice cube) suddenly disappeared for no apparent reason other then the fact that he either escaped or was kidnapped.

As you can see, Max almost always gets himself in trouble. He can’t control himself, and yes those guys dressed in green are actually only one guy, they’re conjoined… One reason why they’re in this freak show of a tent. Sam and Max travel to many places, from the gas station, a country singers mansion, a mole person who lives underground, the Tunnel of Love, to the world’s largest ball of twine. Yes you heard me, it’s a huge ball of twine. It’s one of the things that make this game all the more bitter sweet.

The fact that there are so many unique places to go to, and so much great game play and hilarious crap that goes on, makes it hard to write this without playing it again (which I might actually do.) There are also side games like whack-a-rat (exactly like whack-a-mole except these are real rats) and this game called ‘Car Bomb’ which is pretty much identical to battleship, only with cars and giant bombs. Great fun I tell you. So play this game! And you’ll find that it is a great game, it’s just too bad that LucasArts discontinued the sequel to this game… it would have been awesome.

And that takes us to the second of two great games, I really can’t decide which one is better, because they’re both so great sadly I don’t own this one, wish I did but I’m sure I can just download it. Anyways, this game has some historical learning involved, even if at times, it’s a bit exaggerated. The game play is almost identical to Sam and Max Hit the Road. And if anyone doesn’t know who this is, then I’ll just have to tell you what the game is called. It’s Day of the Tentacle! Also created by LucasArts.

The evil Purple Tentacle! And his lackey the green one back there, you can tell he’s afraid and that he doesn’t want to be evil. But that purple one has a big black unibrow how CAN’T you be afraid of him? In Day of the Tentacle (DotT), the reason why he’s so evil is that he drank some contaminated water and became an insane genius, and if you haven’t yet noticed that he has arms too! They grew from drinking the water like some sort of mutation. Yet it’s not really a mutation because they’re perfectly good arms. Anyways, the evil scientist who created the tentacles in the first place decided to send 3 of his insane friends back in time to the day before, so that they could stop all of this, but the diamond that he needed to control the time machine blew up and one of them was sent 200 years in the past, the other 200 years in the future, and one sucker had to stay there. Boy, I would have hated to be him, I mean no real adventure here! Funny thing is that the teleportation pods are actually port-a-potties (ED: They’re called Chron-O-Johns. :D ) and you can send items to your friends by flushing them down the toilet.

Anyways, let’s start with our chubby friend Hoagie who was sent into the past. He is in the era when George Washington was around and when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. As you can see, Hoagie is a guy who is quite the rock fan, and he enjoys using words like “dude”, “man”, or “what’s up” (ED: Much like myself. Only I’m not so fat.). It’s funny how the people of the past react to his language. As you can see that in this picture, you can see the different commands that can be used, there are quite a few more then Sam and Max, which gives you more options! We know everyone likes more options! (ED: I sure do!)

In the present is the nerdy Bernard, what with his glasses and his suspenders who wouldn’t see it. Whoa this picture looks a bit graphic, but he doesn’t really shoot himself…or at least I don’t think he does. (ED: I know what happens!) I suppose this isn’t the best picture of Bernard because he’s standing at the door, but I think you get the picture.

Lastly there’s the psycho Laverne, as you can see here, one eye is bigger then the other. Yes that is a tentacle suit that she’s wearing, but you needed to wear it to get inside their corporation, because you see, that in the future, that pesky purple tentacle actually succeeded in taking over the world… How did he do it? I don’t know, but I’d sure like to know. This girl doesn’t talk much, and I think that that’s for the best.

There really isn’t much else to say about these games, except to play them!!! I promise that they’ll be much better than this article because I, in fact, believe they are. Well, at least they’ll have their own little spot on Ryan’s site. Heh, it’s funny the kinds of items you can pick up in either of these games, as you can see in some of the screenshots (they’re beside the “use”, “push” and “pull”. Like that wet hamster that’s sitting there. Hmmm. He doesn’t seem too happy. Why am I still in parentheses???) I hope you like my article and I hope you play these games if you haven’t already. Either way, I hope it gives you memories and brings back the good times you had playing them! I also saw somewhere that there would be a sequel to DotT (ED: Actually, DotT is a sequel. Ever heard of Maniac Mansion? It is actually hidden in DotT somewhere.), but I sorta doubt it will come; a lot like the sequel to Sam and Max... Damn those LucasArts people.

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