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Posted by NeoGeo on Tuesday, May 21 @ 20:41:44

I am considering building a similar home page like this one for dreamcast users. I have recieved several email with this idea. The reason for building a another page is that the dreamcast doesn't have certain programmes installed on it and therefore it can't view flash buttons or mpegs. I shall start building the page soon, but it is not too high on my list of proirties because not such a significant portion of the visitors of this site browse the web. If you think this is a good idea, or have any other good ideas for the site then email me.
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Site updates
Posted by NeoGeo on Monday, May 05 @ 14:37:35

Soon I will be setting up a large online get together with all the members of the clan, now that I have restored my HUcast after he got NOLed. If you have joined the clan then you will be recieving an email soon, if you haven't joined yet then
click here, if you would like more information send me an email.
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