Project Infinity: Kitty Pryde Logs: November 2002

November 2002: Haunted

These are logs of roleplay on Project Infinity, a text-based online RPG. I play Kitty Pryde there, a young woman sometimes better known as Shadowcat. Kitty is not by any means my original creation; she belongs to Marvel Comics. The take on her is original, though, as this Kitty's timeline diverges from mainstream continuity close to twenty RL years' worth of comics ago.

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November 2002

November 1: Angel Investigations celebrates Halloween. No single quote can describe this. Just ... just ... read it. Language, violence, death, sexual innuendo, vast silliness.

November 2: "I did organize this after all, so I feel responsible for it." There's another celebration scheduled for this weekend: an open-invitation bonfire. Kitty stops by, and runs into someone she certainly wasn't expecting to get the chance to talk with there: Captain America. Language.

November 3: "If all the angels are bloody mad, lass, what does that say about God?" Liam makes another visit to Pryde and Wisdom's place. The angel's a little shaken by recent events. Okay, maybe more than a little.

'Do we know anything about what we're supposed to be looking out for?' 'Actually - would you believe this time we've got pictures?' 'You're joking.' - Seishi Tamashiino and Kitty PrydeNovember 7: "Don't expect me to give the secret of alcohol-sense to you, and definitely not to Pete. It'd be a disaster." Kitty finally manages to get a chance to talk to John Constantine when there's nothing else going on. As could be expected, there's no real way for this to be good. Mild language.

November 8: "People freely giving explanations? I am in a different dimension." (First part.) Seishi, Erik, Kitty ... a walk on the beach, a friendly catching-up chat ... it couldn't be that easy. The Infinity Effect makes sure of it. Welcome one Emma Bishop of Partington, Arcadia. Mild language.
"What is it with those portals and British detectives?" (Second part.) Musings on the new arrival, Holmes, and Archard. Pity poor Emma doesn't see why everyone's amused. Language.
"Forgive me for asking, and I certainly hope I'm not overreaching myself, but who are you people?" (Third part; log unfinished.) The long process of explaining Earth and Beacon Harbor to Emma continues, now in Erik's apartment. Oh, and Pete stops by briefly. Language.

November 13: "We were doing so well with the 'living in sin' thing..." Kate seeks out Seishi and Kitty in her distress. Seishi and Kitty aren't quite as sympathetic to that distress as might have been hoped. The situation, yes; the despair, no. But some possibilities are discussed. Mild language.

November 14: "I used to make costumes, and it can't be that different, right?" From a marriage in distress to a marriage in preparation: Kess and Kitty finally get that shopping trip out of the way. Kitty gets her comeuppance for the shopping trip with Seishi, and Kess has some news, too...

November 15: "Need a hand?" "Yeah. You got one spare?" Kitty nearly trips over a drunken Lindsey in the middle of a crisis of ethics. Alcohol abuse, mild language.

'Our seer is frequently accurate but often Delphic.' - Kitty PrydeNovember 18: "I miss that little guy. He reminds me of the larval stage of my brother's mortal enemy." Another visit to Caritas. One of these days, Kitty will actually make it there when it's open.

November 19: "I'll have you know that Guinness is an essential source of vitamins and nutrients. Or would be in a perfect world." Kitty checks in on the injured Liam. Beware of mutants bearing gifts? Okay, maybe not.

November 20: "Yes'm" Jack Celliers. Kitty Pryde. Indian food. Threats.

November 21: "Somebody has to chaperone, he can't keep his hands off me otherwise." Liam, Lorne, and Kitty hang out in Caritas after hours. Mild language, mild innuendo, some drinkin'.

November 23: "I think an instinct of self-preservation is also assumed to be somewhere in there." Visits with Seishi: catching up, ethics, and just a little bit of experiment.

November 25: "I'd no idea angels were capable of such things." In which Jack Celliers grows to resemble a lobster. Language.

'Here in November in this house of leaves / We'll pray...' - Poe, 'Haunted'November 28: "Any weird ambient doom I can help with?" Liam stops by the Wisdom household shortly before Thanksgiving dinner, and gets ambushed by startling amounts of food. Very mild language, not so mild enthusiasm, Pete eating on-screen briefly.
"You know she's a ghost?" After dinner, Kess and Kitty relocate to an upstairs room for a little private chat. Kess is worried that she'll ruin the evening with gloom and doom and prophecy - Kitty's just relieved; she was afraid the birdgirl might have bad news...
Congratulations to me - verified as a National Novel Writing Month winner today. Nothing to do with the game, but I'm selfish enough to spread the glee! Also congratulations to the player of Holmes, who was similarly verified on the 30th!

Undated: "I s'pose you're defending your own." On the trail of Humanity's Fist, for Piotr... at a safe distance. Mostly. Pity Kitty doesn't know just who she's talking to.

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