Project Infinity: Kitty Pryde Logs: June 2002

June 2002: Guns on the Roof

These are logs of roleplay on Project Infinity, a text-based online RPG. I play Kitty Pryde there, a young woman sometimes better known as Shadowcat. Kitty is not by any means my original creation; she belongs to Marvel Comics. The take on her is original, though, as this Kitty's timeline diverges from mainstream continuity close to twenty RL years' worth of comics ago.

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June 2002

June 2: "Oh, I'm often up where it's high. It's, ah, kinda what I do." In Beacon Harbor, rooftops are not undisturbed places. Kitty meets the bird-girl Kess, and finds out that while she and the others were comatose, they had at least one guardian angel looking out for them.

June 4: "Chen Zhen said he knew he could count on you." Out scouting the apartment complex Piotr lives in, Kitty runs into Seishi. And Jack. And Holmes. And gets recruited for luggage-toting. There were worse possibilities.

June 5: "I really need /any/ contact method you've got for Ray. /Right now/." (First part) Kitty finds Seravina collapsed in an alley, bruised, bleeding, and barely coherent. Fortunately, there is cavalry. Of a sort. Graphic injuries, mild language, MATURE THEMES.
'Guns guns, and nobody's kidding, guns guns, or fooling around. Guns guns, the violence is singing - guns guns, a silence the sound.' - The Clash, 'Guns on the Roof' "I. I'm a police officer." (Second part) Ray and Kitty take Seravina to the hospital. And then things get bad. And they don't even take Ballantine to do it. Mild language, MATURE THEMES.
"I need coffee. And five minutes to fall apart in." Kitty makes it home, and promptly stops holding herself together. There are distinct advantages to living with people who understand this sort of situation. Mild language.

June 7: "Well, I can assure you that my opinion of my worth has survived." Kitty apologizes to Sherlock Holmes for snarking at him in the dreamscape. No, really, she does.

June 8: "Stay Away From Infinity Pit. The Cops Are Dirty. The Undead Are Not Your Friend. Unicorns Like Licorice." Kitty stops in at Blue Notes to find Darrow and Pete ... 'talking' is not necessarily the right word for it. Listening to these two could become a spectator sport.

June 9: "You have nothing to fear from me..." (First half.) Kitty finally pays her long-promised visit to Piotr's apartment. After a brief embarrassment, things go remarkably well, at first.
"He's on the roof opposite us, watching through a telescopic sight." (Second half.) And things continue to go, really, relatively well. Despite Kitty telling Piotr where Pete WIsdom is even as they speak.
"I realize this doesn't appear particularly rational behavior on my part." Pete Wisdom has an entirely different point of view on that scene: his features Jack Celliers and Sherlock Holmes. And Pete being on that roof. Watching. With a rifle. Language.

June 10: "They offend me, Pryde. The windows. With their being shut." Kitty meets up with Pete on that rooftop, and discovers to her surprise that Pete respects Holmes' opinion - and that this Wisdom is a much more open drunk than she's used to. Alcohol abuse, mild language.
"I think it's easier for him to think in terms of dead bodies." And in the middle of that drinking session, Seishi - temporarily deaf - stops by. And is promptly latched on to for help. Alcohol abuse, language.

June 11: "Make a deal. You don't scoff at time travel and I won't scoff at aliens." Eight Hours, part one. The morning after the Piotr visit and subsequent drinking session; Wisdom is, predictably, hung over. Somehow, the condition manages to bring up some questions the couple's been delaying asking for the last six weeks...Mild language.
"Who gives himself a code-name for a kind of /television/?" Eight Hours, part two. Pete tries to explain his universe's X-history (yes, the mainstream Marvel continuity part of it) to Kitty. Seven impossible things before breakfast, anyone? Language.
Eight Hours is still ongoing, and likely to be pursued in parallel to other scenes for some time.

June 13: "Cheerful. Funny. Flirty. Devout. Could recite more dialogue from pirate movies than anybody I've ever met." Kurt visits to show off his image inducer; he and Kitty also wind up discussing comparative histories a bit. And the World Cup. Which Kurt is emphatically not following. Really.

June 15: "I'm still not sure what I think of the entire situation." Kitty stops by Jack Celliers' apartment; there is chat.
"Someday, I /won't/ have bad news to greet you." And Kitty looks in on Seravina again, as well; Sera has both a gift and a mission for her. Kitty should know better than to make promises regarding John Constantine.

June 19: "You know, every time I visit you, I come planning to tell something and get completely derailed." Seishi comes by again; tea, dragons, ethics, and Holmes are among the conversational topics. Lockheed, it should be noted, likes Seishi.

June 21: "You only need to be wrong once." Kurt teleports into Pete and Kitty's apartment, bleeding. And then things get worrisome. These were not problems Kitty wanted to have to deal with - or mistakes she wanted to make... Mild language.

June 22: "I'm slightly less afraid of your house falling on us than of your yard trying to eat me." Visiting John Constantine is like visiting the Mystery School: you can't leave without learning something you'd rather not have. On the other hand, when Pete shows up, there's a welcome injection of normality for a bit. This log is follow-up to In the Arms of Morpheus. Language.

June 23: "You'll forgive me if I thought you might be a... cat burglar." What happens when an ex-Avenger runs across a woman in black sneaking around rooftops. Tigra, meet Shadowcat; Shadowcat, meet Tigra.
"The man said... said that I would meet people who weren't really the people I know." Pryde and Wisdom run across a familiar stranger in an alleyway. She looks like Meggan. She seems to be just through a portal. But the chance you take by offering the benefit of the doubt - is that sometimes you really ought to be more doubtful. How hard is it for a shapeshifter to masquerade as another shapeshifter?

June 26: "The laws of chance aren't enforced very well." Pete, Kitty, and John Constantine run into Steve Rogers in Chinatown. The existence of people calling themselves "Captain America" and "Captain Britain" leaves John ... er ... well ... you know, I really can't describe that expression. But Steve gets the title for 'most screwed-up home universe' anyway.Mild language.
"I am of course the paragon of virtue and would never think of such a thing." The decidedly unlikely four-way discussion continues: comparative history, metahumans, vampires and dragons, Victor Von Doom ... okay, Doom gets a pretty amusing reaction from the Englishmen, too. Language.

'A container of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food: $3.79.  A package of heavy-duty plastic spoons: $1.99. Holmes eating little fudge fishies: Priceless.' - Pete Wisdom's player Undated: "Have to apologize for our collective paranoia." In progress. Another sunset session on the rooftop: this time Kess encounters both Kitty and Pete. Pete, it proves, has met Kess before...
"I love you. Run away with me." This log has been relocated to July's page.
" Everything's similar, but not right." In progress. 'Meggan' isn't, apparently, adjusting well to Beacon Harbor. Kitty tries to be reassuring. Silly girl.

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