Project Infinity: Kitty Pryde Logs: January 2003

January 2003: A Gift of Roses

These are logs of roleplay on Project Infinity, a text-based online RPG. I play Kitty Pryde there, a young woman sometimes better known as Shadowcat. Kitty is not by any means my original creation; she belongs to Marvel Comics. The take on her is original, though, as this Kitty's timeline diverges from mainstream continuity close to twenty RL years' worth of comics ago.

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January 2003

Note: Logs that relate particularly to the ongoing plot around Claire St. Thomas are marked with: A Murder of Angels. Just because a log's not marked doesn't mean it's not related; the logs that are tagged generally have significant information or input from Seravina's player.

January 1: "I can provide you with more truthful and less cloying answers than this gentleman. In addition, I don't recommend the drinks here." The Dark Knight arrives in Beacon Harbor. On hand to witness the arrival: Sherlock Holmes. Language, violence.

January 2: "Do tell me - did I do anything too egregiously stupid, the other evening?" A quick phone call from Jack, now that he's sober again.
"Well, then I got to do battle with a tsunami..." A Murder of Angels. Seishi's back from Japan, with gifts and a tale to tell. Mild language.
"But the knights shall approach the tower, the hub of the wheel..." A Murder of Angels. A research meeting between Jack Celliers, John Constantine, and Romany Wisdom. Romany's acquired a bit of information in her own inimitable style, and Constantine ... whatever he's planning, it's dangerous enough that he's being almost prudent. Language.

January 3: "For crying out loud, one of these days I'm going to answer the door and find an icicle" A Murder of Angels. Yet again, Liam visits in the middle of a blizzard. As usual, though, the news is important enough to warrant it: the black-winged angels visited Caritas again, and this time, Liam managed to do - something unexpected - to one. Mild language.
"You know, the wild pepperoni, magnificently roaming the plains of Idaho or somewhere." Some light dinner conversation at Kate and Jack's - they've invited Kitty and Whisper both over. (Note: I owe Kate and Whisper an extended writeup of the Murder of Angels plot, which Kitty is presumed to have explained to them after dinner was over. When I've gone through the agony of writing that up, I'll post it here.)
"Little late for birdwatching, don't you think?" Evening on a Pilot Street rooftop: the local ninja meets the Caped Crusader.

January 4: "We're angels as well, at least figuratively." Jack, Kitty, Whisper, early morning coffee, and news (left over from last night) that makes Jack a very disturbed man.
"The crows gave it to me." A Murder of Angels. Kitty visits Kess for a last-minute dress fitting - and to drop off a present - and to get startling news of her own: the mate to Seishi's ring may just have been found.
"You've a day to formulate the wording of your 'no.'" Pete has an even more last-minute errand of his own: visiting Holmes and Seishi to ask one of them a moderately important question. Mild language.

January 5: "I figure unless it's stopping a wedding, a birth or me from getting my chocolate, that's when we need to worry." (First part.) Kitty visits Seravina.
"How would you know I wasn't talking about the glass itself? Or what the glass was made of?" (Second part.) The visit continues: discussions of Claire's communication style, and the possibility of suddenly taking off to Florida unannounced while eight months pregnant.
Interlude. Waking at two in the morning. Some people just get wedding jitters... Cuteness. Sort of.

January 6: "Why is it that I managed to go a year and a half on one formal outfit, and now suddenly I'm forever telling you I haven't a *thing* to wear?" Kess and Kitty stop by Seishi's before the wedding - and it's the birdgirl to the rescue. Jack and Kate drop in a bit later.
""Kitty. Your dragon is eating the ring box." (First part.) Our lives are not like other people's. As people assemble for the wedding, problems inevitably crop up: Lockheed's sulking behind a floral arrangement, a sizable fraction of the guests are hidden under illusions, the groom and the best man have disappeared somewhere, there's a crazy old man harassing the Slayer, and everyone is waiting for the supervillains to show up... Mild language, threats, rampant weirdness.
"Mi adir al hakol..." (Second part.) And somehow, despite any and all last-second snags, it manages to work out, without assault from anything worse than embarrassment.
(The B'rit Ahuvim ceremony is real; since we weren't able to find a copy of Engendering Judaism, we based ours on the outline found here.)
The Reception. The party after the ceremony turned out to be a longer scene than the ceremony itself. No one, startlingly, died. In four parts: Some scattered language, much weird.

"Now remember what we talked about. No brooding, dark corners, or eating the guests."
"...the fish of ee want your soul..."
"And that will be Mr. Constantine and his nearly-nude companion for the evening."
"I knew I shouldn't have sharpened it before we left."

January 9: "This don't look like Nawlins." (First part.) Welcome to Beacon Harbor: Remy LeBeau, in most unceremonious - and distressed - fashion. And the biggest welcoming committee yet. Mild language, misbehaving terriers.
"You mean the portal not snag me for my dashing good looks?" (Second part.) Seishi, Ria, and Kitty take Remy for some of the basic introductory explanation. Mild language.
"I need 16 cans of Chef Boyardee Ravioli, a pair of pliers and a plush monkey stuffed with pinto beans... STAT!" (Third part.) Pete Wisdom joins the girls - and so does Ria's boyfriend. Deadpool was probably not what Remy needed. Mild language.

January 10: "Wheels within wheels. Worlds within worlds." A Murder of Angels. Lindsey's called Kitty for information, but what she has still ranks in the 'highly confusing' category - and Lindsey's not in good shape. Help comes from a place Kitty would call very unlikely indeed: Deimos. Mild language.

January 11: "Uh, you know there's something living in your couch, right?" A Murder of Angels. Kess plays delivery-bird for Liam, and she and Kitty discuss matters of ... rings. Mild language.

January 12: "She also said if we didn't...see... fast enough, there'd be losses. Unnecessary damage." A Murder of Angels. Liam stops by yet again, this time with a drawing of Claire's, and some warnings: apparently they are putting some pieces together precisely wrong. The question, of course, is which ones. Mild language.

January 13: "I didn't want anyone to know." Late at night, Kitty gets a call from Lindsey, and goes to speak with him. Things aren't really good anywhere right now. Mild language, alcohol abuse, implicit adult themes.

January 15: "Fairest and fallen - greetings and defiance." (First part.) A Murder of Angels. itty's accompanying Liam on one of his trips through the Badlands, when they run into first Celliers - then a group of the broken, black-winged angels. Nine of them. A trinity of trinities... Violence, blood, mild language.
"Truth." (Second part.) A Murder of Angels. After the battle - if the chaos qualified for that name at all - the trio have questions. And this time, there are actually answers. And, better yet: a badly needed promise, and directions to go in. Mild language.

January 17: "There are far too many of us getting far too good at that." (First part.) A Murder of Angels. Tea at the Pryde and Wisdom residence, with Liam and Seishi and Jack. Much is discussed, including the unnerving habit people are developing of being able to tell who's at the door without actually having to look.
"Compared to this, Valentine's Day will be downright painless." (Second part.) A Murder of Angels. More discussion, including just why the clock is ticking. Mild language.

January 18: "Are you about as close to bein' driven mad by this as I?" A Murder of Angels. Kitty catches up with Liam independently, the next day. Talking about the dreamscape from last spring (In the Arms of Morpheus) isn't so easy. Neither is the prospect that the angels might just be artifacts of Sera's power.

January 20: "The Mary Kay of the occult." A Murder of Angels. Seishi consults Romany on the matter of the rings. The ring, of course, objects.

January 21: "Okay, so, you're gonna hafta come up with an explanation that actually, y'know, explains stuff." A Murder of Angels. Kitty brings Ray the feather from the cradle; Ray tells Kitty about a recent double homicide involving a crow, and a little girl whose name just happens to be Gracie. Language.

January 22: "Do we even know what we're fixing?" (First part.) A Murder of Angels. Kess stops by bearing gifts: something Kitty asked her to make several weeks ago, that's finally ready. And there is, as usual, catching-up. Mild language.
"For some, loss of life. An' for some, blood an' memories." (Second part.) A Murder of Angels. Liam stops by, and there is ... well, more catching-up. Including the price for reaching the Tower.
"Henry's dead before he hits the snow." Remy and Kitty, out in the middle of a snowstorm, encounter an unusually clear Claire - and get a much plainer assignment than usual from her. And cigarettes.

January 30: "Because I've got important news for you and you're going to reward me for it with alcohol." A Murder of Angels. Constantine comes looking for Kitty in the small hours of the morning - and meets, accidentally, the newest addition to the household menagerie. It's not his fault. It's plainly mind control. Mild language.
"See. With... with eyes like the sky." A Murder of Angels. Constantine's bound one of the black-winged angels in a small cave on Mount Caith; now he and Kitty are going up to interrogate it further... except that Kitty's finding it far too reminiscent of something out of her memories, and nothing happens as any of the three of them expect. Mild language, description of injuries.
"I imagine it's going to hurt." "All the best ideas seem to." A Murder of Angels. In the mean time, Romany Wisdom has vanished from Beacon Harbor. With Holmes' assistance, Seishi tracks her down back in England - and discovers that she gave the ring to someone far, far too vulnerable to possession.

January 31: "Kitty doesn't like peace. Didn't leave much room for angels, did you?" A Murder of Angels. Back from Mount Caith, Kitty's spending some time trying to straighten out the things she's learned, about the angels and about herself. This is not the right time for her to encounter Liam - when his powers, in both their bright and dark aspects, have gone completely out of control. Torture, injury, mild language.
"I think it's something friendly and horrible, actually." Liam left Kitty stranded on the rooftop, cold, exhausted, and progressively easing into shock. Fortunately, Liam isn't the only flier they know. The poor hospital is never really prepared for Kess or for Pete. Language, probably badly mangled medical scenes.

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