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The Story Thus Far

*NOTE* This is an account from an Amber-centric point of view. This is not all inclusive. Frankly, we don't have that kind of space and I don't have that kind of time.

Pattern fall happened pretty much as in Corwin's Chronicles, until the end. There was no funeral procession for the Once King Oberon. See, there was no body to toss into the Abyss.

As Oberon finished mending the Pattern, he disappeared, vanished, poof, he was gone.

Yes, the Unicorn presented Random with the crown of Amber. Fast forward a few years Random has been relatively successful in dealing with Dara, Queen in the Courts of Chaos. There are even a few commodities and services traded between Amber and the Courts as a result.

That brings us to Game Start;
Random ordered a dinner party. Invitations were delivered. All the guests showed up, and then some.

The dinner was interrupted when Random was called away. He told everyone to carry on anyway, but things broke up shortly after he left.

The next day;
Random is informed of a very large object in the sky over Forest Arden. All attempts to reach Julian fail. A group of the younger generation is dispatched to investigate/deal with this threat.

In the mean time, Random decides to evacuate Amber.

Back to Forest Arden;
The group make their way to one of Julian's hunting lodges to find it empty. As they explore, they begin experiencing time and space anomalies. Finally they meet up with Bleys. Two of his daughters were in the group and he went looking for them.

Just as they were about to leave, some type of ambush was sprung and Bleys went down with four arrows stuck in him. Before his daughters or anyone else could react, he disappeared.

This prompted a mad search of the building with Benedict who had arrived just before Bleys went down. The search involved a series of strange events that culminated in a brawl between Benedict and Gerard. They ended up crashing through a door and disappearing into the unnatural darkness on the other side.

In the meantime;
Another group was sent to Rebma. They met with Llewella who mentioned some kind of prophecy. Everyone, including Llewella set out to find answers about the events in Amber.

Along the way, two are lost in an ambush, but Llewella and the other member continue on eventually meeting the prophet. They also get a large ruby gemstone that turns out to be the larger body that the Jewel of Judgment was harvested from.

They return home with the news and the gemstone, to find the UFO, for lack of better term, had left on it's own, leaving everyone confused and bewildered. Then they hand the gemstone over to Dworkin who takes it out to shadow to see what makes it tick.

The Battle;
Part of the prophecy said the first born would return to claim their birthright and fail. As is the nature of prophecies, it was pretty vague. But as it turns out, Dworkin had children before Oberon. Trilias is Dworkin's first born and he did indeed show up to claim his birthright, and he brought an army with him.

Oberon's first born, Osric also showed up. When Random did not answer any calls, Osric declared a state of marshal law and claimed regency with intent to take the throne when the threat to amber had been dealt with.

The build up to the battle is huge. We end up seeing six forces involved. Osric and Trilias with their armies against four defending forces. Those forces include an army from Chaos led by Fiona's and Mandor's son. Plus Julian and his Rangers, Eric's army with help from Finndo, (Yes they're both alive and well), and of course Benedict's forces.

Despite the overwhelming disadvantage, Trilias and Osric command their troops to attack. It doesn't go well for either of them. Osric suffers the heaviest losses and then loses his life to an assassin.

Shortly after Osric's death, a huge storm begins to roll into Amber from out in shadow somewhere.

It turns out to be Dworkin's new persona as he's become a part of the gemstone. He commands the fighting to stop, which is good for his son Trilias because Benedict was just about to run him through.

Where we are now;
Dworkin has ordered everyone to go home. To resume their lives and stop this petty bickering. It's time to usher in a new era in the chronicles of Amber.