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General Game Info and Character Submission Guidelines

This is an Online Amber Role Playing Game set in the fantastic world born of the creative mind of Roger Zelazny and adapted for Role Playing by the equally creative mind of Eric Wujcik.

The first chapter has come to a close and the second is underway.
As of Wednesday, February 09, 2005, we are no longer in need of new cast members. But I sincerely appreciate your interest.

This particular game is set in an 'Alternate' Amber. The Pattern Fall War has just recently ended, and another major war has just narrowly been averted. But there are still more differences;

1) Oberon is not dead, only missing. (Well, there was no body to throw into the Abyss.)

2) *Most* of Oberon's children are alive and well, though not necsassarily in Amber.

3) Merlin is NOT the ruler of Chaos. The ruler in Chaos is actually Dara.

There are a quite a few other differences, but I think this is a good start. If you are still interested, please continue on for character submission guidelines.

Before I give you the particulars for the character submission, I would like to let you in on my style of gaming.

First and foremost, it's about 'Role Playing', not 'Rule Playing'. If you're going to start reciting the rules to justify your course of action, or try and tell me "That's not what it says in the books", then you can stop right now. I'll thank you for your time and consideration and we'll both be happier in the end.

However, if you're still here, and you don't have a problem with having fun over being 100% acurate, (historically or in relation to the books), then we'll get the ball rolling.

New Characters will be starting *Outside* of Amber.

200 points to spend on Attributes and Powers/Artifacts. No, there is no auction. In my opinion, it's a waste of time for everyone involved in a Play by E-mail game. There are Contribution points available, which are detailed below.

The Attributes are the same as in the ADRPG. You may still buy down your Attributes with the same system as the ADRPG. And there's always bad stuff, of course.

The powers are slightly different. I allow partial powers, based loosely on Bears Cave Staged Power System. HOWEVER, I must receive a back story detailing the reason it's only a partial power and not the whole thing. Also, you will be required to submit what your character plans to do, or what you see your character doing with the particular partial power. Your cost will vary accordingly. And keep in mind, partial powers are no where near the originals.

I also accept new and unique powers, but the same criteria apply as above.

Contribution Points: They will be awarded once the contribution is received and will be worth the following;

Back story - - 2-5 points.

Trumps - - 1 point each. (There is no longer a maximum. Create Trumps till your hearts content.)

Character webpage - - 5-15 points.

Character journals/diaries - - 2 points each. (To be awarded after I have received them.)

Plus, I will award cp's for outstanding role play, quick thinking, getting along/not getting along well with others, and various other things throughout the game.

Posting rate: I would like to hope for, at the very least, one post per day. But hopefully, it will be more. And I hate to say it, but, real life situations can and will limit posting.

If after all of that, you are still interested, you can send your concept to me, GM Extraordinare.