Unranked Characters

[A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun]

Sisters (Unranked)

[Altered Beast]

Neff (Unranked)
Octeyes (Unranked)

[Aquapazza/Queen of Hearts]

Kuroneko (Unranked)

[Arcana Hearts]

Parace L'Sia [AI Patched] (Unranked)

[Baki the Grappler]

Biscuit Oliva (Unranked)
Kaoru Hanayama (Unranked)
Pickle* (Unranked)


Ichigo New Mask (Unranked)
Ichigo Vasto Lorde (Unranked)


Jake the Dog* (Unranked)
Scrooge McDuck* (Unranked)
Sentro (Unranked)
Team Nicktoons: Fairly Oddparents (Unranked)
Team Nicktoons: Hey Arnold (Unranked)
Team Nicktoons: Rugrats - Angelica, Kimi, Lil (Unranked)
Team Nicktoons: Rugrats - Tommy, Chucky, Phil (Unranked)


Death [1st] (Unranked)
Death [2nd] (Unranked)
Dracula (Unranked)
Dracula Wraith (Unranked)


Mike Tyson* (Unranked)

[Chaos Breaker/Dark Awake]

Dragon / The King Has No Name (Unranked)

[Chrono Trigger]

Dragon Tank (Unranked)
Gato [Game Sprite] (Unranked)
Gato Z2 (Unranked)
Lavos Core (Unranked)
Lavos Spawn (Unranked)

[DC Comics]

Cyborg Superman* (Unranked)
Darkseid [JL Task Force] (Unranked)
Joker Gang (Unranked)

[Destroy All Monsters!]

King Ghidorah (Unranked)
King Ghidorah [Small] (Unranked)
Mechagodzilla (Unranked)


Agnimon (Unranked)
Baihumon (Unranked)
MoonMillenniummon (Unranked)
Puppetmon (Unranked)
ZeedMillenniummon (Unranked)
ZeedMillenniummon Boss (Unranked)

[Dragon Ball (Hyper DBZ)]

Babidi Z2 (Unranked)
Satan Z2 [Original] (Unranked)
Vegetto [Candy] (Unranked)

[Dragon Ball (Other Creators)]

Freeza* [SNES] (Unranked) -- Banned
Mystic Gohan (Unranked)
Saibamen (Unranked)
Super 17 [AF] (Unranked)

[Dragon Quest]

Ramia-J (Unranked)

[Dungeon Fighter Online]

Dragon King Bakal (Unranked)
G0 Battloid (Unranked)
Shark Bonus (Unranked)


Giygas [The None](Unranked)
Giygas [Puzzle Boss] (Unranked)

[Eternal Champions]

Dark Champion [Boss] (Unranked)
Eternal Champion [Boss] (Unranked)

[Eternal/Will Visual Novels]

Koiboshi (Unranked)


4th Archer (Unranked)

[Fighter's History]

Ox (Unranked)

[Final Fantasy]

Agrias* [Kainintherain] (Unranked)
Agrias Reborn* [Kainintherain Update] (Unranked)
Exdeath (Unranked)
Kefka (Unranked)

[Futaba Channel Emoticons]

Sineba* [AoB] (Unranked)

[Guardian Heroes]

Citizens-Weak (Unranked)

[Guilty Gear]

Gig (Unranked)
Leopaldon (Unranked)
Zako-Dan* (Unranked)


Kyoji Kasshu (Unranked)


Big Zam (Unranked)
Freedom -Meteor-* (Unranked)

[Gundam Wing: Endless Duel]

Gundam Epyon* (Unranked)

[Holiday Characters]

Santa Claus [Borewood] (Unranked)

[K' Edits]

Dark Khriz (Unranked)
K'Dempsey (Unranked)

[King of Fighters Others/Edits]

Possibility of ChizuruXXX [KoF Parody] (Unranked)

[Len Edits]

Mumoku (Unranked)

[Maple Story]

Rock of Spirit (Unranked)

[Mario Bros.]

Bowser in Spaceship/Clown Car* (Unranked)
Mario [Game Boy] (Unranked)
Mario* [NES] (Unranked)
Old School Mario* (Unranked)


Galactus* (Unranked)
Mega War Machine (Unranked)
Symbiote Onslaught (Unranked)
The Phoenix Force* [AvX] (Unranked)

[Marvel VS Capcom]


Apocalypse* (Unranked)
Apocalypse HD* (Unranked)
Colossus [MvsC2, Max AI] (Unranked)
Onslaught* (Unranked)
Sentinel [MVC3-parody] (Unranked) -- Banned


Abyss [MvC2] (Unranked)
Mech-Gouki [Mouser] (Unranked)

[Mega Man (Classic)]

Air Man [8-Bit] (Unranked)
Bubble Man[8-Bit] (Unranked)
Dr.Wily (Unranked)
Enker [Gameboy] (Unranked)
Mecha Dragon [CvS Style] (Unranked)
Super Bass* (Unranked)
Yellow Devil (Unranked)

[Mega Man X]

Chill Penguin (Unranked)
Colonel (Unranked)
Cyber Peacock (Unranked)
General (Unranked)
Jet Stingray (Unranked)
Magma Dragoon* (Unranked)
Nightmare Mother (Unranked)
Sigma Head (Unranked)
Slash Beast (Unranked)
Sting Chameleon (Unranked)
Storm Owl* (Unranked)
Vile Mk.II (Unranked)
X [Ultimate Boss EX] (Unranked)
X [Ultimate Armor] (Unranked)
Zero X5 Boss EX (Unranked)

[Mega Man Zero]

Copy X (Unranked)
Ultimate Zero [MMZ] (Unranked)

[Mega Man (Others/Edits)]

Napalm Man [V. Trump] (Unranked)

[Melty Blood]

Dust of Osiris (Unranked)
Full Armor Ciel (Unranked)

[Metal Slug]

Death Force (Unranked)
Marco Jet (Unranked)

[Miscellaneous Anime]

Hikaru [Rayearth] [Different AI] (Unranked)
Syouzan Matsuo* [Garoden] (Unranked)
Yue [Negima!?] (Unranked)

[Miscellaneous Games]

Chris GB [Baldr Sky] (Unranked)
Dan Smith, The Tyrant [Killer 7] (Unranked)
FB Last Boss [Fire Bam] (Unranked)
Fire Quacker [Ducktales 2] (Unranked)
Linus Spacehead (Unranked)
Metal Gear Rex* (Unranked)
Red Dragon [D&D] (Unranked)
Skullman [Bio Menace] (Unranked)
Space Warrior [Asteroids] (Unranked)
SuperArabian (Unranked)
Vic Viper (Game Boy) [Gradius] (Unranked)

[Monster Rancher]

Suezo (Unranked)


Alien Queen* (Unranked)

[MUGEN Originals]

Bison* (Unranked)
Cammy [CVS] [Mass Cloning] (Unranked)
Cyber Naraku* [Inuyasha/Megaman Fusion] (Unranked)
G-Hamster (Unranked)
Gaap (Unranked)
Infant Mutant Naughty Baby (Unranked)
Jesse Army (Unranked)
Killer Whale (Unranked)
Mother UFO (Unranked)


"Bikeman (Unranked)

[My Hero Academia]

All Might (New ) (Unranked)


Pac-Man [Arcade] (Unranked)


Itachi (Unranked)


Ebifrygon (Unranked)
Spelunker (Unranked)


Sandbag (Unranked)
Super Metroid* (Unranked)

[Pocket Fighters/Super Gem Fighters Mini Mix]

Akuma (Unranked)
Dan (Unranked)
Felicia (Unranked)
Ibuki (Unranked)
Lei-Lei* (Unranked)
Sakura* (Unranked)
Tessa (Unranked)


Charizard (Unranked)
Ghetsis (Unranked) -- Banned
Shandera-K / Chandelure [AI] (Unranked)
Zoroark* (Unranked)

[Power Rangers]

Ivan Ooze* (Unranked)
Shogun Megazord (Unranked)

[Pretty Cure]

Precure* (Unranked)

[Product Mascots]

Pepsiman [New] (Unranked)

[Puella Magi Madoka Magica]

Gertrud (Unranked)
Homura Akemi (Unranked)
Homura & Friends (Unranked)
Kyouko Sakura* [Grief Syndrome] (Unranked)
Madoka Kaname* [Grief Syndrome] (Unranked)
Mami Tomoe [Grief Syndrome] (Unranked)
Oktavia (Unranked)
Walpurgisnacht (Unranked)
[SPOILERS] (Unranked)

[Red Earth/Warzard]

Kongou* (Unranked)

[Religious Figures]

Monkey D. Christ (Unranked)

[Sailor Moon [Kamekaze's Set]

Chibi Moon (Unranked)
Oda Nobunaga (Unranked)

[Shin Koihime Musou]

Rin Rin (Unranked)


Drill Tank (Unranked)
Eggman Robo [S2 Final Boss] (Unranked)
Mephiles EX* (Unranked)
Metal Sonic [S3&K] (Unranked)
Silver [Sonic Battle Shadow Edit] (Unranked)
Silver Sonic [Sonic 2] (Unranked)
Sonic [Genesis] (Unranked)
Tails [Genesis] (Unranked)

[Sonic: Freedom Fighters]

Bean (Unranked?) -- No AI, but seems to have a Special that takes off almost half a lifebar by itself.

[SquareEnix (Other Games)]

Albelt / Albert [Front Mission: Gun Hazard] (Unranked)
Neku* (Unranked)

[Star Wars]

Darth Vader [G64] (Unranked)

[Street Fighter (Others/Edits)]

Fallen Balrog {Claw} (Unranked)
Goddess Ingrid (Unranked)
Juli & Juni (Unranked)
Riot Ken (Unranked)
Ryu & Ken (Unranked)
Sagat_HD-SF1 (Unranked)
Street Fighters (Unranked)
Wave Ryu (Unranked)

[Super Robot Wars]

Devil Gundam* (Unranked)
EVA01-Barbatos (Unranked)
GaoGaiGar* (Unranked)

[Super Smash Bros. [mugenx]]

Tekkaman Pikachu (Unranked)

[SVC Chaos]

Red Arremer B* (Unranked)

[Tales of Series]

Barbatos Goetia (Unranked)
Garr/Royal Air King (Unranked)
Hugo (Unranked)
Lion/Leon Magnus (Unranked)

[Tattoo Assassins]

Prizm Star (Unranked)

[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]

Boss Mouser* (Unranked)
Psycho Shredder* (Unranked)

[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters]

Hothead* (Unranked)
Karai [Kamekaze] (Unranked)
Shredder [NES] (Unranked)

[The Black Heart]

FINAL (Unranked)


Tewi Inaba* [Last Blade style] (Unranked)
YuugenMagan (Unranked)
Yuyuko & Youmu (Unranked)


Astrotrain (Unranked)
Blitzwing (Unranked)
Grimlock (Unranked)
Overlord (Unranked)
Shockwave [New] (Unranked)
Thrust (Unranked)
Ultra Magnus [8-Bit] (Unranked)


Dinotank (Unranked)


Super Thunder Dragon Death Giant God [Urobura] (Unranked)


Aruruu (Unranked)
Eruruu (Unranked)

[World of Warcraft]

Arthas (Unranked)