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MUGEN Swiss Tournament 2
Pointless Short MUGEN 4v4 Simul Tournament
MUGEN 2v2 Simul Tournament of Champions!
Short 4 Person Turns Tournament

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Bonus Matches (Singles)
Bonus Matches (Everything Else)

NOTE: Shuma-Gorath and The Incredible Hulk appeared in the "2v2 Simul Tournament of Champions" even though that team not only weren't Champions, they'd never fought together at all! One of my teams at a tournament was known as "Lords of Chaos" and consisted of Leo Bradlay & Zangeese. I had this whole story worked out in my head that they were only the two weakest members of a larger team: Bradlay, Zangeese, Hulk, and Shuma. After the first members failed at their tournament, Hulk & Shuma crashed the Tournament of Champions...only to lose their debut match because obviously everyone else in the Tournament of Champions were part of much better teams.