Captain Falcon


This character has appeared in the following tournament(s):

M.U.G.E.N. Fighting Championship: First Edition
Pointless RI M.U.G.E.N. Tournament
Pointless MUGEN 4v4 Simultaneous Tournament
Pointless MUGEN 4v4 Alt Tournament
Pointless MUGEN Classic Simultaneous Tournament
MUGEN 2v2 Simul Tournament!
MUGEN 2v2 Turns Mode Tournament
MUGEN 2v2 Turns Mode Alternate Tournament
Pointless MUGEN Quadruple Elimination Tournament
MUGEN Quintuple Elimination Tournament
Pointless Arbitrary MUGEN Tournament
Pointless RI MUGEN: Double Impact!

This character has appeared in Bonus Matches archived on the following page(s):

Bonus Matches (Singles)
Bonus Matches (Everything Else)