Shin M. Bison [50%] / Shin Vega [Default]


Okay, this is complicated. Kamekaze's Shin Vega has two modes: A default version & a supercharged 100% version. The problem is that in Turns Mode, 100% Bison can only be used if he's the first member of a team. Otherwise, he reverts to the default version. We didn't know this, so at a lot of tournaments, Default Bison wound up accidentally being used instead of the 100% version.

Even more inexplicably, I gave Default Bison 100000 Power to slightly mimic the effects of 100% Bison, but only at certain tournaments... so... this is a confusing mess, but I think all versions of Bison shown on the following pages are either Default Bison or an edited version of Default Bison. Pay no attention to the name that says 100-Percent Bison because a glitch is actively keeping him from being 100% Bison.

Also, pay no attention to the fact that this Bison should be named Vega. Just...just roll with it, okay? It's a bit too late to fix things now.

This character has appeared in the following tournament(s):

MUGEN Q.E. Tournament (Rev.A)
Pointless RI MUGEN 4v4 Turns Mini-Tournament
MUGEN Q.E. Epsilon Tournament
MUGEN Tournament: Project Omicron
Short MUGEN 4v4 Turns Tournament #3