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And welcome to my awesome site!!! This site is dedicated to A.J. and his very own awesomeness! If you disagree with anything on this site, you can address any concerns to the blunt object I call the "Visiter appreciation bat."

:. AJ's what's news. .:

july 31
Got the fuckin Job bitches!!!!

july 12
will be updating the site regularly from now on now that I got my life mostly straightened out. Now if I can only get that job.

april 19
Hot damn I have a website. So nice of angelfire to keep this up even tho I havn't updated since july 05. Updating the schedule page now.

July 26
Back from Alaska. Saw some stuff, met some people. *sigh*. I guess the best part of AK was the people. Thanks to the people who made my stay comfortable.

May 15
I feel odd that I have not been posessed to update this site until I have been pissed off. So here is my newest Rant. I am gonna redo my angry rant section in a couple of days.

March 8
School has been draining my time but I finished my research paper The rough draft can be found here.

January 5
I was surprised that this website is still up. But I am revived now that the holidays are over. So, I just added a game review for BloodRayne. BloodRayne 2 review coming soon.

November 23
Been a while since I touched this site, but I ranted more than a little bit and there will be more soon.

October 18
I ranted and added a couple of reviews.

October 17
Got rid of the D&D miniature page and made a few revisions. Be sure to check out my reviews page.

October 11
Long time since last update. I updated my anime and reviews page and am soon to edit my gaming pages.

september 19
Updated The D&D campaign page with a less than cryptic hint.

september 7
KumoriCon was fuckin awesome!!! I got a lot of stuff and the everyday was like a 15 hour party that didn't suck. Bottom line, I give this vacation a 9.77898.

september 1
september is here and I am already seeing halloween costumes and huge bags of candy on the shelves. I swear the preperation for this holiday gets longer every year.

August 30
The wedding was awesome. weather was great, camping was great, dancing was more fun than it has been in a long time, and I didn't even have to wear a tux. Bottom line, I give this wedding a 8.7248769 outta 10.

August 26
Added a anime and game review section. It will entail reviews and events to the related subjects.

If you have any money to spare go ahead and send it to me. :p

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