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The Nerimian Defense Initiative
Introduction: The overview and combat history of the Nerimian Defense Initiative.

The Phoenix's Talon: The composition, size, and structure of Nerima's armed forces.

The Armory: The glossary of Nerimian technological devices. [Not near complete]

The NDI's Rosters: The various military units that make up the NDI.

The Galactic Sphere: The planetary territories of the Nerimian Confederation.

The NDI's Munitions Department: Coming Soon

Commander: Nathan Rakuseki, Commander-in-Chief, Nerimian Defense Initiative (CINC-NDI)
Deputy Commander: General Kiyomeru Shotomaru
Founded: 6 March, 2036
No. of Personnel: 93.54 million regular personnel; 27.12 million reserve and special forces
Sphere of Influence: 250 light-years surrounding the Sol system

The Nerimian Defense Initiative was founded on March 6, 2036 when Cameron Blackblade's Tactical Aerospace Force was removed from the operational command of NERV and given its own command structure. With the assimilation of the Robotech Expeditionary Corps and the Southern Cross Army, the Nerimian Defense Initiative was formed with these three branches. The TAF would serve as the ground-based aerospace defense, while the Southern Cross would become the army of the NDI. The Robotech Expeditionary Corps became known as the NDI Spacy, the interstellar navy of the NDI. The Nerimian Defense Initiative is configured as a deep space military force, with enough power to conduct offensive operations deep into enemy territory while still maintaining its defensive capability against enemy attackers. As a result, the NDI is the only force capable of defending against major military threats to humanity with any sort of efffectiveness, making them the first-line of defense against any invading force.

As the end of the Chaos/Hive Wars of 2070 came, the NDI has solidified its role as the most dominant military machine known to man. As the NDI enters a new era in nearly 40 years of existence, new threats emerge on the horizon, and only a matter of time exists before the NDI must rise to meet the challenge.