Quest Name Requirements Quest Points Rewards Directions
Aphordite's Eyes None ?? ?? XP 3n, 3e, n, (wait for whirlpool) swim, n, take gear, gear, 3n, enter, 4n, d, 2n, 5e, kill droul, get key from corpse(x2), d, say follow me, u, w, s, smash case, 3n, kill flounder, n, kill guards, n, kill guards, n, kill guards, n, kill guards, n, search, get key, n, d, get gem, u, 8s, 4w, 2s, u, 4s, out, 5s, 2sw, 2se, n, place gems in statues, 2nw, 2ne, 5n, enter, d, say there's no place like atlantis
Black-throated Wind 50 mana ?? XP based on CHR
Acid Claw
3e, n, 3e, s, buy cube, ingest cube, (wait til trip), n, w, 5n, 2e, 5n, 3e, nap(til asked to see wise man), y, 2d, enter, w, say riddle (answers: sponge, fire, carpet, cat, frog, or river), 2e, out, 2climb, leave, w, s, e, 11s, sw, se, say zoom, s, w, search, kill skeleton, get paper from corpse, w, n, 2ne, 5n, 4e, 4s, 2w, 7s, gash, w, read book, give paper to cat, 2n, 2u, drive sleigh, e, 9n, 2e, unlock safe, put tape in player, close player, 2w, 6s, give player to sugar, e, s, e, s, w, s, e, s, enter portal
Demon Quest Eval 50
staff of some sort
12 3,000,000 XP
Demon Blade
e, swim, all w, n, u, e, u, w, u, 4s, kill demon, get jawbone from corpse, 3n, d, 2e, nw, d, kill dragon (Yellow), smash skull, get tooth, insert tooth, get gauntlets from corpse, u, se, 2s, e, ne, 2u, e, kill dragon (White), smash skull, get tooth, insert tooth, get helmet from corpse, w, 2d, w, 2u, ne, u, 2w, kill dragon (Blue), smash skull, get tooth, insert tooth, get boots from corpse, 2e, d, sw, w, sw, w, u, n, w, kill dragon (Red), smash skull, get tooth, insert tooth, get body armor from corpse, e, s, 3d, n, u, e, se, e, kill dragon (Green), smash skull, get tooth, insert tooth, e, get sharv, 2w, ne, u, se, e, ne, w, 3u, ne, u, d, sw, w, sw, w, u, sw, w, kill imp, get coins from corpse, w, place jawbone on altar, kill varog, get coins from corpse, get crown from corpse, 2e, ne, 3d, n, u, sw, give crown to yulik.
Eagle Quest Eval 40 ?? 2,000,000 XP 5n, cross, 3n, se, 2e, touch scarecrow, 3e, ne, 8n, 2w, 3s, e, 2s, e, d, 2e, kill dragon, remove claw, 2w, u, w, 2n, w, 4n, 6w, present claw, 8e, 3n, raise staff, 2n, d, e, d, kill bird(x2), n, w, n, u, w, n, u, n, kill guard, n, kill nightbird, pluck feather, 2s, d, s, e, d, s, e, s, u, w, u, 2s, leap, climb, 3s, 8e, present feather, e, n, kill knight, get amulet(x2), s, touch, get key, e, u, free eagle
Elf King's Quest None 5 ?? XP
Full Elven Platemail
find and mount horse in EC, 14e, 2ne, e, 3ne, e, 4n, 2w, d, 2w, kill guards, w, tap west wall, w, nw, ne, 2e, kill guards, 2e, kill guards, n, free elf, s, 3w, n, kill guards, n, e, kill guards, e, s, give ring to hobgoblin, open chest, n, 2w, 2s, w, sw, se, 4e, u, 2e, 4s, 2w, nw, 3sw, nw, place granite in indentation, wake man, s, 4ne, se, 2e, 4n, 2ne, 3n, 2w, 2n, kill guards, 2n, wave wand, enter, open chest, get orb, sw, 4s, 2e, 3s, 2sw, 4s, w, 3sw, w, 4sw, 2s, enter, 2s, u, w, present orb, e, d, n, w, d, s, get elven plate armor, n, u, e, 6n, 12w, 6s, 2e, d, enter portal
Luger Quest None 1 10,000 XP w, s, w, n, get duc food
Pip's Cheese Balls None 2 100,000 XP He is usually find somewhere behind the EC door. If you can't find him, then he's probably either someone already got him and he's running around randomly, or he's dead.
Orc Quest None 5 ?? ??
Riddler's Quest None 1 15,000 XP 11w, n, w, say the answer is shadow, say the answer is wind, w, say the answer is glove
Wild Hunt for Caliban ?? 5 ?? ??

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