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Mirac's dwelling

The Waypoints

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    Neverwinter Nights                                                                                                          A site about languages used by fantasy races
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Welcome to Mirac's dwelling, a site that contains information about RPG's.
Hope you enjoy the site, but it still has to be upgraded, but I'm working on that.In the meantime enjoy the dragon pictures gallary, lords of the rings gallary and many other sites linked to this site.

    Picture gallaries :                                      Fantasy Novels :

     Dragon Gallery 1                                                            Lord of the Rings
      Dragon Gallery 2                                                            Wheel of Time
     Dragon Gallery 3                                                            Sword of Thruth
     Lord of the Rings Gallery                                              Silmarillion

    Baldurs Gate (I&II&ToB) :                             EmpireQuest :

    Q&A about Multiplayer BG II                                   Resource/ship/defense calculator
     Infinity explorer for BG II



Gothic 2 :




Maps & Hints

Official Jowood Forum


Misc. :
Chapter 1 of a story made by myself
An article that a friend of mine wanted to share with you viewers

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