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Dwemer Clock Alternative

Download Dwemer Clock Alternative (the title is changed due to agreement with TheLys)

Dwemer Clock Device was initially designed by Smileyz and then upgraded by TheLys. It can show time, day, and Moon phases when called by quick menu key (F1) and/or automatically each day or hour.

My changes to TheLys' version:

1. No hitting "OK" every time when clock is invoked. Settings menu is called automatically once on pickup. To change settings again, drop it to the ground and take again.

2. No "wearable green light" mode. The clock wasn't reacting to quick key in it anyway, so it wasn't of any use. Usage of PCSkipEquip variable allows the clock to react without delay and not kick away two-handed weapon, shield or lantern when called.

(Updated June 04:)

3. Shows hours and minutes on 0-24 scale instead of 0-12 am/pm.

4. A "pseudo-doubling" bug in previous version is fixed.

Attention: this version does *NOT* contain the newest update to TheLys Clock v1.3 (correct moon phases for McAsmod's Werewolves 1). If you're a proud WW1 user, stick to his version.

Direct upgrading from previous versions isn't recommended. To upgrade, save the game without the previous version first..

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