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  • No harrasing members, if someone is harrassing you tell someone on the senate and the member will be dealt with accordingly.  
  • No racist remarks.  
  • Here are LDR 2.0 there will be no PL deduction, we usually go staright to the Dead Zone or just kick you out.  
  • Members of the senate must send someone else on the senate their trainings. This is to prevent senate members from adding unearned pl.  
  • The senate votes when they decide something, like this....
    Goku- Whoever thinks ???? whould be kicked out say I
    Vegeta- I
    Goten- I
    Brolly- Nay
    Future Trunks- Nay
    Goku- Majority rules, ???? is kicked out of LDR 2.0


  • If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks you will be discussed about being kicked out among the Senate ask any senate member about a rule that is not stated here or you are not sure about