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Each Planet has a master. masters will teach u diferent techniques and abilities. Some masters will give you PL raises or other help on your journey. You get some pl for training under a master. While under a master you can't self train, spar or fight or travel. To train under a master email a member of the senate who you want to train under/how much pl you gain a day/ what move you wish to learn/and how long you're going to train under him...

Master Roshi
Location - Earth (Kami house)
Requirements - You need 10,000 PL (must be good)
Pl Gain - You gain 500 PL a day while training
Can learn - Kamehameha, Solar Flare, Kaioken x10, Destructo Disc

Location - Earth (Kami's Lookout)
Requirements - You Need 10,000 PL (must be good)
PL Gain - You Gain 500 PL a day here normally.
Room of Spirit and time(Hyperbolic time chamber)- You need 10,000 to train here. You must have some reason to train in the time chamber(such as an enemy you cannot defeat is attacking Earth). Mutiplies your trainings by 10x if u stay in here for more then 2 days you are trapped inside forever, you can't even be wished out. (You must tell us when u wanna come out,so its your duty )

King Vegeta
Location - Vegeta (Saiyan Royal Palace)
Requirements - You need 15,000 PL
PL Gain - Gain 600pl a day
Can learn - Moonshine Blast, Gallet Gun
Other - You get a free Lv.1 Saiyan Armor on your first visit

Location - Hell
Requirements - You need 15,000 PL (must be Evil)
PL Gain - you gain 600PL a day while training Can learn - Reincarnation revives u with a 25% PL decrease (You forget the move after use)Takes 14 days to learn

King Kai
Location - Heaven (King Kai's Planet)
Requirements - you need 15,000 PL (must be good) Complete King Kai's training (20 days)
PL Gain - Any PL under 50,000 doubles (Gain 600PL a day any other time, may only do the training once)
Can learn - Kaioken x10,Kaioken x20,Spirit Bomb,Chou Kamehameha

West Kai
Location- Heaven (West Kai's Planet)
Requirement's - You need 15,000 Pl (must be good)
Complete West kai's training (20 days)
Pl Gain - Any PL Under 40,000 Doubles (Gain 1,000 a day any other time,may only train with West Kai once)
Can Learn - Thunder Flash Attack

Location - Namek (Elders Village)
Requirements - you need 15,000 PL
PL Gain - you gain 600PL per day of training, get a 50% Pl increase on first visit(Namekians and Good characters only)
Can learn - Fuse, Masenko

People of Yardat
Location - Yadrat
Requirements - you need 20,000PL
PL Gain - you gain 700PL per day of training, and receive $500 at end of training
Can learn - Instant Transmission

Special Training
Supreme Kai Training:
You have to go to the Planet Kaioshin and train with him and he train's you in a method called "Mystic training" and you must have more PL then a Super Saiyan 2. Goku, Gohan, Trunks', and Goten only. Because you have to be pure of heart to take the training and Vegeta has like 1/3 evil in him if not more. This training takes 10 days both kaioshin and the trainee must go through this 10 day training period. Half way(5 days) through the training the person(First person to do training) recives the Z-sword and there base pl doubbles, when they are done they may multiply there base pl by 7 (without transforming) but. If they go SSJ the planet they are on blows up instantly >.<