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Posted By: Brolli
yes, tiz i, ur lord and savior, brolli. i have hacked back into the site, and i will take it over. i was very displeased when mruiz changed the codes to my own site, and wouldnt gimme the p-word to get back in. but hey, its no biggy, cuz guess what, im back in. im tired of all these lazi-ass staff members actin like they own everything, and now im gonna run the show. obviously nothing has been getting done by his royal laziness mruiz, and im gettin rid of this type r shit, cuz its the dumbest thing ive ever heard. i will be releasing a new site soon, more advanced than this one (even though this one is pretty sweet) and it is already being built. i want to leave the whole "ldr" thing, cuz frankly im sick of the mentality that goes along with it, particularly by mruiz who thinks he owns any ldr site thats made, regardless of how little work he does. thats all. -latz