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Thank you for expressing an interest in LDR v 3.0, Before you fill out an application and send it in please take time to read the following:

  • This RPG is for SERIOUS fighters who know how to RP, newbies will not last long...they never do.
  • If you dont intend on participating at least 3 times a week, we dont intent to extend your membership (for you slower peeps, that means we will kick you out).
  • This is a place for warriors with ambition and the thirst for battle, if you dont plan on fighting, this might not be the RPG for you.
  • Please choose a character that most suits your individual personality. Beware, the more desired your character, the harder it is to be accepted.
  • AOL MEMBERS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Make sure the character you choose is not already taken! Your application will be immediately deleted if you ask for someone that is taken.
  • NO fusions or variations of characters EX: Gogeta or Majin Vegeta or Chibi Goku.
  • Due to the Complexity of the "New Edge" fighting system and the High Level of Compititon LDR is famous for,LDR might not be suitable for warriors under the age of 13.

    To Join simply copy the following info and paste it into and email and send it to and in the subject line put "Joining", thanks.


  • Screen Name-  
  • Character Desired-  
  • 2nd Choice-  
  • 3rd Choice-  
  • Why do you think you have what it takes to be a member of LDR v 3.0?-  
  • What do you plan on doing in LDR v 3.0?-