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   Nedango Translaton

What's that you say?You don't know what Nedango is?What rock ahve you been living under?The rm2k rock?Most Likely.Nedango is a rpg maker that lets you create top-down veiw action rpgs that can be played online with other people!Sound fun right?It is!You can create huge maps,spectacular spells,thousands of badguys,up to eight character class(more than even that of Diablo II),and many other things.Currently Musashi and a guy named Intrenchant have been working on translating the program.Wish them luck!The editor is roughly 95%(the things that aren't translated are on Musashi's notepad but Musashi and Intrenchant haven't got together to hex them in yet).The whole Nedango pack is estimated at 82%.Many of the other programs in the Nedango pack are partially translated.If the Nedango pack's lik is down go to Intrenchant's Site or right click on the link and go to "save target as...".With the program you should also download the Sozai.The Sozai is sort of the "rtp" of Nedango,it comes with characters,tons of chips,effects,enemies,etc.Great to start out with,or you can download stuff from the files section here!Remember "save target as..." to download the full pack and the editor