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Now before start, please take a moment to sign the NEW FIRE EMBLEM COLLECTION AND GAMECUBE WARS PETITION! It was created October 27, 2002 and it needs a LOT people to sign it in a short amount of time. This is a important petition so please take a moment to sign before beginning the quiz. There. Now for the quiz.

Which weapon of the following weapons would you prefer in a battle?

Swords; they are really light.
Spears; they have good reach.
Swords or Spears; both are good stabbers.
Axes; they can do heavy damage.
Bow and arrows; you can snipe enemies from a distance.
No need for a weapon when you can just transform.
Magic; they can dish it out but they can't take it.
Doesn't matter; you can use about ANY type of weapon so it is a matter of looking into a situation.
HFIL, you don't like fighting to begin with. You better give some other form of help instead.

A village is about to be attacked by an enemy army that can do severe damage to your allies. What do you do?

Do what you can to delay the enemy army itself. Those few seconds could make a big difference.
Warn the residents at once, and pray to God that none of your allies get nailed without your help.
Fight the whole enemy army. Taking out the source eliminates a whole problem.
Attack the enemy nearest the village from a big distance. That might buy some time without you needing bravery.
Get any allies you have to vary their tasks involving the enemy army and the village. It ALWAYS works.
Just beat up the enemy army because you just don't want to get hurt yourself, although you don't care about the village.

Which ride do you prefer?

Horses; that way, you can get through plains quickly that way, and capturing is easier.
Flying animals; that way, you can fly over most places.
A bow Arch; you want cover and the ability to smack the enemy army hard.
None; just walking and using weapons are enough for defending yourself and others.
None; you'd rather walk over the seas.
None; mountains, the only real terrain obstacle, can't stop you.
None; you can walk over seas AND on mountains.
None, as if you need one, since you can just transform.

An enemy is badly weakened. What do you do about it?

Capture it; alive, it can do you good.
Simply capture it and let your good motives determine your course of action.
Let somebody else do something about it; you don't want to kill it but you can't capture it.
Just kill it; there's no point in letting an enemy live.
Let it run away; it might retreat to its headquarters, and we can take care of it later anyway.

How would you like to kick butt?

Rush in and kick butt.
Use careful planning and then kick their butt.
Charge in and use a semi-long shot.
Use a far away attack to kill them.
Plan and capture for torture.
Attack from varied distances and then capture.
You don't like to attack to begin with.

Be honest: If you were a Harry Potter wizard, which house would you be in? (Okay, I'm promoting Harry Potter and virtually stealing the question from the HP quiz linked below, so sue me though I couldn't think of a better question.)

Gryffindor: where dwell the brave at heart. Their daring nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart.
Hufflepuff: where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true.
Ravenclaw: if you're a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind.
Slytherin: those cunning folk use any means, to achieve their ends.

What would you do to the enemy boss when you win?

Kill him; he's useless and an enemy.
Kill him without wanting to; he could run away and tell his allies.
Give him solitary confinement; he might be useful later on.
Interrogate him; he might have some useful information.
Let him go; you figure he might be grateful.

What VERY special ability do you prefer?

Weapon versatility.
The ability to walk over rough mountains VERY easily.
The ability to walk over rough seas VERY easily.
The ability to walk over mountains AND seas at all.
Unlocking doors, chests, and bridges, as well as stealing.
Extra high attack range.
The ability to make people move again.
Forget it; you can settle with not having any of the above.

If you were in an army in a video game and the enemy is attempting to crush it under its heel, what role would you play?

Somebody important, telling people what to do.
A knight under the leader, doing as told.
Putting the enemy to sleep.
Attacking from a distance by shooting rocks or arrows; you're no good with close range combat.
Just fight with your sword/axe/whatever.
You don't care about the enemy; you just want to burn that village, since it might have money.
Hah! The enemy's castle isn't well guarded, and you just want the treasure as well.
Getting a thousand people like you to appear with you to stop the enemy from coming. Why really care if you get knocked down when others take your place?
Appearing in a sort of sub-army that keeps a strict formation to let you catch the enemy by surprise.
Guarding the throne/castle, as a last defense.
Directly aiding your allies any way you can. (Healing, dancing, etc.)
Perpetually annoy the enemy by turning into their target and then reveal how normal you actually are.
Blasting the enemy to Kingdom Come, period.
The good old magic user, using the elements as help.

Code identical to this Harry Potter quiz. Thanks to Roma Emu for help on fixing some errors that happened along the way as well as thinking up one of the questions. Also thanks to Skydude for suggesting I get Paintshop Pro, which helped with the logo. Also thanks to the official sites for Fire Emblem 5 and Fire Emblem 6 (both in Japanese) along with Lord Alvein and a person who uses the name "Synthetic" for their help. Actually, thank the FESS Board, since the people there are overall kind people. I'm not providing a link. If you want to join and you find it, keep in mind that I have mod powers there which means I can pretty much ban somebody in a hurry. Anyway, some of the questions thought up by others are slightly modified. If you want to talk to me, my AIM name is "Juigi Kario" which doesn't have an allow list.