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Hey, if you like Harvestmoon than you'll like my site. My site is on Harvestmoon64 right now but I'm starting to make pages on Harvestmoon2 for gbc, and I will make a site for HM:Back to Nature. But only after I finish the one for gbc. Please sign my guestbook and post in the messageboard (forum)you need help. If you like my site you can vote for me at the bottom of the page, there a couple of links. Come back again for updates.

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  • March 27th Thursday 2003: Hey, I haven't updated in over a year lol. This is mostly because I stopped updating the site purposely... I stopped updating it and just never closed it. I see I'm still getting a hit or two a day. I was thinking of re opening the site but it's just on HM64 which is basically dead now... But I don't know... maybe I will open it again if I'm bored. Yeah so come back some time, I'll redirect you to the new page if there is one. If not then it'll look like this and don't expect any updates or anything.

  • November 19th Monday: I didn't get much done today since I was back at school and stuff. I actually do have a social life lol. Well I got up some screenshots for HM3 but I lost around 10 and I still have to change around 20 into jpg. files. That's the only way I can get them on to my site. Well Check them out. I only got up 11 but it's better than none. Hopefully I can have most of them up tomorrow.

  • Novemer 18th Sunday: I can't upload any of my HM3 pics, I'm going to try and put them on another site and just get the urls because it's not letting me take them. I'll try and get all the faq and screenshots that I can before the game comes out so you can all see what the new game is going to be like. Hope you like it.

  • November 17th Saturday: I think I'll delay the HM2 gbc pages for now and I'll start HM3 gbc pages since it's newer and more people will want info on it and since I already have around 50 screenshots I think it'd be a good idea considering the game hasn't come out yet! Hehe I'm so happy. I should have this up soon. Hope you like the game. You can have 8 horses and 8 of every other animal (besides the dog/cat ect.) You can also choose from 3 cats,3 dogs,a falcon and a pig. You even have a partner in this game! You can pick to be the girl or the guy but the guy can get married and have a kid and I don't think the girl can. There's loads of new things in this game even compared to the HM64! There's a movie theatre and everything, it's great. Come back for the updates on HM3!

  • November 16th Friday: Haven't really updated this week but I should be able to finish most of the hm2 for gbc pages. The thing is I have around 100 pictures so it's hard to figure out where to put them and I also forget which ones are screenshots or not. I hope to get this all figured out very soon. While you're waiting for the new site try and make some fanfics or something. :)

  • November 12th Monday: Back to school, boy these weekends go too fast. I added 4 fanfics today and last night. I also changed the buttons again because they weren't working on all of the pages but they should be ok now. If you notice that one of the links don't work e-mail me please. I'm going to be busy this week but I have Friday off so I should be able to finish most of the HM2 for gbc. I won't put up any of the pages until I'm finished all of them though. Because I have to put the name and link everytime and I don't feel like doing it over for every page. I'm going to do some of the gbc site today. I'm trying to think of what I should make it look like. I was thinking orange. If you have any better ideas for a different layout or something e-mail me or something. Well that's it.

  • November 11th Sunday: Sorry for the lack of updates but I just got a new computer and I had to reformat everything. Plus I am still going to school and have homework ect. I added some more penguin pictures and I started a new fanfic maybe I can put up tomorrow. I'm getting much higher on the topsite lists I'm on. I have around 28 in one of them. And 24,21 and something like 14. I'm still not on 3 of the lists so I'll take those off. I have been trying to get HM:Back to Nature on my computor because I don't have a playstation. If I manage to get it I'll add about 18 more pages. There's a lot more to do in that game and a lot more to talk about than HM64. I have Harvestmoon 2 on gbc so I might start a small section on that too. I was planning on keeping my site on HM64 but I think that'll change. With the help of my fans it should be up in no time.

  • November 6th Tuesday: Last night I wrote my own fancfic and added it to the page, and I also got another award from HMFarm, you've probably heard of her site since it's one of the most famous hm sites on the net. I also added a couple more pictures here and there. I don't think I did anything else since I had to write the fanfic. Maybe there will be some more updates tomorrow.

  • November 5th Monday: I added a couple more pages to the site, changed the buttons, added more links to the topsite lists. And I got my first Award!!! I'm still first in 2 of the lists, and i have like 20 votes on one list. But no one here is posting messages or sending me stuff for my site...lack of activeness hmm...I'll try and fix that somehow. I also added my site to some search engines from the help of Farmer Girl-HM HayRide who also gave me the award and is my new affiliate. Still trying to figure out what that is, just know it's like linking eachother's site on your head. We'll just call it that then. Well there will be new updates soon, thanx.

  • November 2nd Friday: I haven't updated much on my site because of school and stuff but I'm first on 2 of the topsite lists. But I'm not on the other one...I don't know why. I'll try and fix up some stuff this weekend and try and find out how to get this site more active. Please sign my guestbook and post in this forum to help out the site. Vote in the polls and tell me your comments or changes I should make. I haven't heard from anyone and I really need to know that someone has been here. Thanx

  • October 28th Sunday: I don't know how to get my flash intro onto my site. It's all finished but it's not on yet. I'll try and get it on asap. Today I'll just add some more pics and finish some stuff off.

  • October 27th Saturday: I have completed most of my site, all of the info, most of the pictures, I've added some more polls and I am almost finished my flash intro for the site. Hope you like it.

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