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Al Bhed Rin -This site will be running as soon as possible! Keep checking here for updates!


It's been 5 months, but I am back with brand new fanart in the fanart section. More coming soon according to mails i have recieved. Alright, until my next update, pe@ce.

Hey, I know that I haven't written much in the news section for probably the longest time, but I have been updating new pages, adding content to old ones, and other stuff. I recently found an Al Bhed Translator that can be found in the Al Bhed section and I am currently working on the Blitzball section. I will update more later. C ya!

Hey again! I am gonna start working on a page that explains my whole obbsesity with FFX and why I passion Rin, besides the fact that he is cool as hell, along side Auron. I really need that pic of Rin for my collection! So, if you get/scan it, please send it to me! So, pe@ce for now!

Alright, to start things off, go check out the new walkthrough section! If you just want to see the boss battles and not the entire walkthrough, go tot he boss strategy page, which has the same info and each boss's statistics.

A great amount of pages have been added/will be added. The brand new forum is now up along with a weapon page, customization page, and a new magic page. Along with some new 88 x 31 banners for those webmasters out there. I still am in need of a picture of Rin! Also, I will start either on a mini-walkthrough or a boss strategy section tommorrow. Pe@ce!

Many new pages work, thanks to none other than me, Rin. Anyway, I still have some pages to work on and I cannot find a pic of Rin on the web! I would greatly appreciate if someone would scan a good quality pic or fanart of Rin and send it to me. The following pages now work: Link Me, About FFX, Overdrives, Sphere Grid, Fanart, Animated Gifs, and Weapons.

Well, I have the page assigned for sharing desktop images here. In order to add more, I need you to send your best ones and I will offer credit for those I use. I have finished the Sphere Grid page just now and I will continue to create more pages, but not all of them will be said in the news. So, until about 5 or so more pages are complete, I won't update the news section. Just keep checking back!

Sorry about the lack of updates, I have been real busy with school and a wedding that occured today and luckily its over and I have the next week off. I can finally get the show on the road and start makin some pages for the site. I will most likely cover the main characters and have thier individual pics for those who haven't played the game with just some background info on each one. So, until tommorrow, pe@ce out!
I am now accepting any fan-art related to FFX! Send in any good work that you have. No hentai please. I will post whatever I can until I find a new server, so if you send one and it doesn't get posted, I apologize, its just that becuase of limited space, I have no choice. All work will be given credit to its rightful artist and will not be copyrighted to myself or any other staff member.

This site is gonna have sooo much content shortly...Just workin out some bugs in the meantime...

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