Reflected Amberites

The Templar: Reflection of Prince Corwin. Resides in the Sin Strip, as the leader of the Carpathian Gang. The Templar is considered by many the most well-adjusted of the gang-lords, but that isnít saying much. He is a tall, heavily muscled, good-looking man in his middle years, who dresses entirely in black save for a silver cross he wears around his neck, bearing a climbing rose. In speech and personality he seems perfectly normal except for his total lack of regard for people who are not under his personal command. Legend has it that the age-old enmity between the Templar and the Scarecrow has something to do with a woman. The Carpathians all wear the sign of the Rose and Cross.

The Scarecrow: Reflection of Prince Benedict. Resides in Central Park as the leader of the Needle Gang. The Scarecrow is an image synonymous with fear in Unreal City. He is an immensely tall, immensely thin man, and his tattered black and orange clothes make him resemble nothing so much as a human bird of prey. They say he was a normal man once, and even a good one, before the doom fell on him, but that has been such a long time that no one living remembers it, unless it is the Templar, whom he hates. The Scarecrow hates everything, but most of all himself. No one comes or goes through his territority without his personal command, not if they wish go anywhere again. His voice is cold and he lacks inflection when he speaks, and although he has perpetrated acts of as great cruelty in the past as the Templar or the Archangel, it seems impersonal when it comes from him, as if it is only the last possible course of action, no different from any other course of action taken before. The Needle gang wear all rags, carry spiked bats, and tend to paint their faces ala the Crow.

The Princess: Reflection of Princess Florimel. She lives in the High Rise, the City above the City, and governs it, most say fairly and well, although she has no interest in events below her golden towers, and no real concern for Unreal City as a whole. She is reported to be impossibly beautiful, the most beautiful woman in the world, a rumor she has spread while quelling others, but one that is definitely not far from the truth. She likes pretty things, and compliments, and company, but it is hard to see her, to get past all the guards and traps that shield the High Rise from the scum of the streets.

The Archangel: Reflection of Prince Random. Generally speaking, he has more than one opinion about everything, and sometimes he chooses to expound a different opinion altogether, one he does not particularly hold, just to shake people up. A traumatic experience in his childhood split his personality, so he can be very difficult to deal with. His most famous side, the personality nicknamed the Archangel, for which his area of Unreal City is known as Angelis and his gang the Angels, is a gentleman, drawling in his speech, cool and precise in his intentions. He is also very frightening, because he likes causing pain, although he does not yield to the temptation that often. The other personality, the original one, is much more casual, more fun-loving and more safe. Both are brilliant, erratic, and have no concern for human life. The gang the Angels is composed entirely of beautiful women, their faces painted like Barbie dolls.

The Silver Lady: Reflection of Princess Deirdre, now deceased. The Silver Lady was the patroness of the arts and of duelling in Unreal City, as well as being the lover of the Templar. No one was known to dislike her. She did not have her own gang, although she could command the Carpathians, and often used the gangs of others at need. Her suicide by drug overdose is seen by many as a bit too pat... Some suspect foul play.