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Legacy Of Darkness RPG

Welcome To The Legacy Of Darkness RPG

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Welcome To The Legacy Of Darkness RPG. This is a great RPG that lets you be characters from DBZ, DBGT, DBX, Incader Zim, and Zelda. Every day, an update is posted. If you see the update, just email me and put "rpg" as the subject and type "update" as the messege. You can use updates as money, and trade them for items, and use certain amounts to go places. If you send me the email to give you an update twice in one day, you get a match. Secong time it happens, you get a bomb. The third time, you light th match on fire and go BOOM! Basically, what that means is that if i like you, you lose stuff in the rpg and die. If i don't like you, if you have no items, or you're already dead, you get kicked out. I hope i don't ever have to do this. GOd bless.