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HELLO!Monday, May 17th, 2004. wow, I've finally remebered my password to this godforsaken site. If any of ya'll haven't figured it out by now, Clan GoE has been dead for well over a year, ever since Blizzard banned all the maphack users. The Bitches <_< ... Anyways, I have moved on to bigger, better, and freer things. I have my own 2D mmorpg at here though that is too is slowly diening. if you want the latest on what I have been doing, come to my new game I am programming myself, Athrandir: End of Times. It is not in beta yet, but will be within the month. sorry for all of you that have been waiting patiently for membership, but I have long ago given up on diablo... adios all!


February 10, 2003: Good news, I finally got around to including new members into our clan! 10 more people have joined our clan! I have been tossing around the idea to expand this clan, and I have decided to expand it to include WarCraft III. I will do some renovating, but it won't be for a while. IMPORTANT!!! I have made a new forum for the clan! This forum is .php based, so it will look much more streamlined and has only one pop-up ad due to the free hosting!!! Please post soon, because I worked real hard to get the forum working and I want to see all of you on it.


January 21, 2003: Hi again, I did some renovating of the main page to stream line it some and make it look more profesional. I will be online tonight, probably from 5:00 to 6:00 and then sometime after 9:00 if someone wants to see me. Be sure to email me or post in he forum so I know you are still a member. I will be emailing this evening or tomorrow if I get the chance. See you all then!


January 20, 2003: Hello everyone and I am extremly sorry for the delay in news. I just finished up the semster at school and let me tell you, it was hell. It is over now, and the rst of the school year will be a breeze. This gives me more time to dedicate to the website. The clan is still alive and kicking, and I am thinking of expanding to Age of Empires II and or starcraft. Give me your feedback on this. I shall attempt to email you all at some point this week. I got a new computer, a laptop that is super fast, so now I will be able to play all my favorite games no problem. If I can find a way, I would like to host a LAN game sometime for everyone. Get back to me on this. See you all soon, bye!!!


October 31, 2002: Happy Halloween! I have just updated the members page so now we have many new adtions to the clan. ScarFace, If you could please send the newsletter to our new recruits I would be pleased. I have had truoble with my computer lately and so unfortunatly I will not be able to play for some time, until I can get it repaired. I will not be able to use my primary email account for awhile either, so please, if you have any questions email me at and I will get to you as soon as possible. I thank you all for your cooperation and hope to see the clan grow even more!


October 29, 2002: Finally around to updating again. School has been real hard on my, but luckily things are back up and running. I will be anouncing the new members sometime in the next week, I haven't gotten around to doing it lately. see ya all in game! I am also in the process of making a marketplace to sell and buy items. I have four rooms availble for rent. please email me if you have some stuff to sell.


October 7, 2002: I have finally gotten back on to Diablo II, though my computer is still down. I have been using my mom's computer, so everything is alright for right now. See you all in game!


September 29, 2002: Horray! We finally have some members only pages!!! I will be E-mailing all the high ranking members with their new passwords so that they can get in on some members only action!


September 13, 2002: Glad to finally update, I've been so busy with school it seems like I forget things. I have not been on Diablo II in a while, but hope to get on this weekend. Email me if you have any questions. Attention all artisits! I am still looking for someone to make us a banner for the site! PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN OUT, INCLUDING PROMOTIONS!!! email me with a .gif or .jpg image along with your account name. thank you have a nice day!


September 3, 2002: I have finally got around to adding this site to a top 100's list. Please use the link at the top of the page to vote for my site. In order to more effectively advertise this site, I need to get a beanner for this clan. I will give a double promotion to anyone who can come up with a good banner for this site. Include the image in an email to me along with your account name and email adress. Thank you and have a nice day!


August 28, 2002: I have updated the tournaments page somewhat, but I will need to schedule several clan duels in order to add content to the page. I have added a downloads section, you can view this by hitting the "more Links" button on the My Links. I finally got around to using an HTML form handler instead of a guestbook, so now it will be a whole lot easier and less messy to join the clan.


August 27, 2002: I have just added a chat room! Now we don't have to spend countless hours waiting for a responce on the Forum!!! I hope every one will sign up, and make sure it is something close to your account name so I know who it is I am talking to!!!!!


August 23, 2002: I am very sorry that I haven't been updating in a while. I had some family matters to take care of and then school started. I have just now got on schedule. I am pleased to annouce that more members have signed up and I will be posting their info soon. Check out the rest of the site, and I will see you in game soon!!! Also VERY IMPORTANT, it would be a good idea to use the "notify me of updates" links at the top of this page inside the banner. That way I won't have to email everyone every time I update. Thank you!!!


July 15, 2002: More rank promotions have been handed out. There will be a clan duel this Saterday, so bring your best character to the fight. Have there been any troubles concerning other clans? If so, e-mail me and we will see if I cant get a clan vs. clan war going. I'm just itching for a fight, aren't you?______________________________________________________________________________________________

June 22, 2002: I will be away on vacation this week and next, so I wont be able to play on Diablo II. If you have yahoo messenger, you might be able to get a hold of me, otherwise just email. Until I get back, The Overseer ScarFace_Mt is in charge. Good News! I've finally decided to make a clan mule account! You are welcome to borrow any item in the account, so long as you use it for yourself and return it when you are done with it. You must contact me if you want to take from the mule, because only I know the password. I will make a new page with details of the treasury. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

June 20, 2002: Hello Everyone! I hope everybody enjoyed the clan dual last Saterday. I am terribly sorry I wasnt able to attend, but I had some unexpected family business to attend to. There will be another one coming soon! I need everyone to add me to thier friends list if they haven't already, so I can contact you in game. I started a new account, so you will have to also add *Zalhard29 to your friends list too, 'cause I'm on that alot. look forward to more clan activities in the future! ______________________________________________________________________________________________

May 31, 2002: Well,it's been awhile since I last updated thispage. I have some very exciting news, A clan called The Black Wall has merged with our clan, bring in many additional new members. Promotions will be handedout to people who do good work. In other news, The tournements and scavenger hunts are still underway, winners will recieve prizes. Happy hunting! ______________________________________________________________________________________________

May 6, 2002: Saturday's meeting last weekend was a major disappointment. Only one person showed up, even after I informed everyone that it was MANDATORY. All clan members will now have to fill out in the general postings on the forum in order to reactivate thier meberships. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

May 2, 2002: There will be a mandatory meeting for all clan members on Sat. May 4, 2002 in channel clan_goe to discuss Map Hacks and whether clan members should be allowed to use them. The disscusion will also include debating whether to make a clan mule account or nor. Be at the meeting if you wish to express your opinions. Attention all prospective Merchants! I will be putting up a market web page for all those that wish to sell, buy, and trade items. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

April 28, 2002: Starting May 1, 2002 Each Member is required to make one post in the clan forum per month, or become an inactive member until they do. I will also be hosting a contest to come up with the best Clan Coat of Arms. All entries must include a .jpg or .gif file and account name of member who submitted it. You will find my e-mail adress at the bottem of this page. Winners will recieve a unique item or a promtion, their choice. Are you looking for an easy promotion? Would you like to become a Noble, just like that? If you are willing to help me with recruitment, you may become a noble in rank. Contact me for details. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

April 26, 2002: I have just added the tournments link, and added a new backround. Two new members have just joined, We are very glad you can come. I have also added a page describing the various ranks in Clan GoE. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

April 25, 2002: I have now created the diplomacy page and am working on a better form for prospective mebers to fill out. I also have just added a forum for discussion! Please visit the link and post messages. I would like to schedule a tournament for clan members only. If you have any suggestions, just e-mail me. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

April 22, 2002: Good news, new update. I have several people who might join and a clan that might ally with us. I am also going to expand this guild to include the game Well Of Souls as soon as I can get a clan started on the game. Go to my Wos link to go to the site to download the game for FREE. and you can also play online for FREE! That's all the news for today. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

OLD NEWS: This clan is dedicated to helping those in need, and looking out for our own. If you would like to join or have any questions or comments, please e-mail me. It has been awhile since I last updated, and nobody seems eager to join. From now on if you join, you will receive 1 free rare, set, unique, or gemned Item upon membership. Please email me when you are able to get on.

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