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Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z : The Cell Games web site. Dragon Ball Z : The Cell Games is an RPG Toolkit game that will be composed of several short "episodes" to form the entire Cell saga of DBZ! (See downloads section for more details.)



Good news people-- Episode 2 is released. Check out the download section. If you liked Episode1, you should really like this one. I've decided to combine Episode 1 and 2 into 1 file, so you don't have to have Episode 1 to play Episode2.


Well I've got some good news-- I'm still alive. And DBZ: The Cell Games Episode 2 will most likely be released this August. Now getting to other matters, I need some help with DBZ sound clips for the game. If I include sounds from the show, it should make my game more fun, with the guys screaming and yelling attack names and such. So here's a list of sounds I need. If you have them or know where I can download them, please e-mail me. Note that if you know a video clip that has the sound, you can record the sound with a sound recorder, or you can e-mail me where you downloaded the clip. Thanks everyone. If I have your help on this, the game will be a lot better and should go faster.

*Note that the sounds I need are all from the English version of the DBZ tv show.

  • Cell saying "Kamehameha!"
  • Gohan saying "Masenko Ha!"(He did this in the Namek Saga)
  • Tien saying "Tri-Attack!"(He only said this once in DBZ, I think. That was when he was holding off Cell in his 2nd form. I will greatly be in debt to whoever finds this for me. A video clip will also work.)
  • Any character from the Cell saga powering up, yelling, insulting another,etc.


Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Production of Episode 2 is gradually starting to pick up, which is great news. However, I still can't give a release date yet. This episode will probably blow #1 away. It will most likely be longer than #1, not to mention Android battles along with way cooler special techniques. Be sure to check out the screenshots section!


Not much has been going on lately. DBZ : The Cell Games has been chosen to be on which is pretty cool. The people there are making a web site for me, so my URL will be changing soon. I'll post messages when that happens, though. Production of episode 2 of the Cell games is well under way and is going smooth, but slow. This episode will be WAY cooler than the first because you get to play with the really powerful characters, like Goku and Vegeta. I don't have any new screenshots though, but when I do I'll put them up. The only problem I'm having right now though, is sound clips of characters from the English version of the DBZ TV show yelling out their attack names. I've searched and searched for what has seemed like hours but I absolutely CANNOT find Tien yelling "Tri-Attack!", Gohan yelling "Masenko!", or Gohan doing the Kamehameha against Cell. I found Gohan doing a Kamehameha, but it's not him fighting Cell. Gohan sounds really mad and it really sounds cool. If anyone can help me with sound clips, I will be severely grateful.


Hello! I'm Sigurd, the creator of DBZ : The Cell Games. I just finished this site today, so take some time to look around. Right now only DBZ episode 1 is availible. It's pretty short, but then again it's only the first episode. The series will be longer once more episodes are availible. I'll try to update every month so check this site often.