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Welcome to My RPG. This, is Stornhold. As you all know, the story of Mordrian is now located in the Fan Fiction area. I also have a new chapter set up in the Fan Fiction area as well. The chapter is chapter 2 for "The Elven Prince." So, if you would like to read that, you may go there.

Yes. It's finally here. As you all know, I have been working on a game that has taken up most of my time. If you would like to play it, you will first need the prgram called RPG Maker 2000. You can get it at this place.
Next, you will need the game. Obviously. You can get that here. Now, it's only a demo version, so it's not completely finished. It ends right after your party gets Tyrion.
She made it all by herself ,and I'm so proud. I think you'll like it. It depends if you like Final Fantasy. Or more specifically, Final Fantasy II (IV)

If you would like to learn the story of Mordrian, please visit this site I have made. Visit Mordrian

Also, a friend of mine from an A*Teens site has so kindaly made a Karaoke version for Heartbreak Lullaby. I don't know his real name, but his Screen name for EzBoard is "PAT Almighty". Here is the link for the song. Heartbreak Lullaby Karaoke.

Another update of mine was that I have recently made "The Players" page. So you can drop by there and check that out. I am going to make a thing for the staff, so it'll be easier for some people to know who people are. I HAVE CREATED THE SCHEDULES FOR GRYFFINDOR. I'VE DECIDED NOT TO MAKE AN ENTIRE SET OF SCHEDULES BECUASE I'M LAZY RIGHT NOW.

Here it is. It's done! The Fan Fiction page has finally got something on it. 2 Stories and a picture. All the stuff on that page is mine right now. Hehe. Sadly, the stories are VERY long, so that gives you a lot of reading to do.


(NOTE FROM BRADY: This HTML was created and done by Laska herself. I had nothing to do with it. Notice the picture at the bottom of this page, and the one in the top left hand corner. Those are Laska's pictures. Made by her..)


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