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Abass Spectre Home Page

This is an exciting, creativity-driven PBEM based in the Star Wars universe, shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star.

The Abass Spectre is a mercenary starship, hired by the Rebel Alliance to help scout out new locations that may serve as future Rebel Bases. The ship is owned by Klaus Duggerat, a fierce bounty hunter who has become disenchanted with the Empire and has decided to throw his weight behind those he feel are more likely to serve his interests. Also on board the ship are several Alliance Delgates, who are interested in promoting the Alliance on neutral planets, hoping to encourage more oppressed worlds to join in the fight for freedom.

This game has become part of a much larger Star Wars PBEM called 'Journal of the Whills'.

It is run as a PBEM (play by email), and we are always on the lookout for potentially high calibre writers to join us as new players. Some knowledge of the Star Wars universe is neccessary, but only minimal. The focus of this game is on the fun, and the creative aspects of role-playing.

This game has gone through some changes, including offering players the chance to be bounty hunters, Imperial officers, and many other characters. So check out the link below to see our new site, and what we have to offer!

This is not the normal Star Wars PBEM, and all are encouraged to click on the link below and see just how different we really are...

Journal Of The Whills