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The Last Weasel Page

The Story Of The Northeast Kansas Chapter

Once upon a time there were six bears who loved their Harleys and loved to party.

There was a Pappa Bear, who was a rowdy sort, he loved to raise heck, always was getting into trouble, getting his butt arrested by the police and tossed in jail. He would do anything on a dare and he loved his "Hooch" on ice.

There was a highly educated dual degree MENSA Girl Bear, who as the rest of the Bears did, loved her Harley and loved to party too. But more so she was very promiscuous, so she decided to kickin with the bear group because the Pappa Bear was hung like Micky's Moose and it worked out well for her.

There was this Giant Bro Bear, who was just as wild and crazy as the Pappa Bear and one hell of a rider. But he pretended to be more conservative than he really was, so he could have a real job and stay off welfare.

There was a Sunshine Blond Sister Bear who absolutely rivaled the Pappa Bear in rowdiness and wildness and could stomp both Pappa Bear's and Bro Bear's tailends anytime she wanted too.

Then there was the boy and girl semi professional athletes, who didnt know it, but they were actually Bears too, because they loved to ride and raise cane and were always kickin with the group when they could.

Now Pappa Bear was definitely looking for a larger collection of wild friends to associate his Bear group with. A group like his, that had only one thing in common and that was to ride Harleys and party.

One day the Pappa Bear went to an indoor bike show in Kansas City. While at the bike show he ran across a display of what appeared to be a racing team. They had some awesome bikes and a real nice trailer on display. The group was called "Kansas City Chapter, Weasels USA". Pappa Bear stopped and chatted with one of the Boy "Weasels". He found the Boy "Weasel" to be very cool and almost the exact same kinda person that Pappa Bear was, except the "Kansas City Weasel" was in a much higher tax bracket.

Well...... the Pappa Bear went home looked around for some information on "Weasels".

So he wrote a letter to the "Kansas City Weasel Group" and asked about the Bears kickin with them. The Pappa Bear got a letter back from a Girl "Kansas City Weasel". The letter demanded that Pappa Bear turn over all his credit cards, the clear and signed title and the ignition keys to his bike, giving them all to the Girl "Weasel". Then once in her possession she would check to see about Pappa Bear's group kickin with the "Weasels".

Well....... this excited Pappa Bear ALOT ! Cause really the only thing the letter was missin was a chrome set of handcuffs and a short leather whip. But sadly Pappa Bear had to decline. He had no legal title to his bike and the ignition key had broken off in the starter slot more than 3 years ago.

So Pappa Bear sat and thought the matter over. Then Pappa Bear decided to write "Kit-The Grand Weasel" a letter and ask about kickin with "Weasels".

Soon, "Kit-The Grand Weasel" wrote back a letter that was simply wonderful. He told the Bears that if they wished hard enough they could become "Weasels" too, just like the rest. The Bears were elated !

So that night the Bears all went to bed, closing their sleepy little eyes and wishing real hard to kickin with the "Weasel" bunch, before they fell asleep. That night "Kit-The Grand Weasel", waved his magic wand and the next morning when the Bears got up, they looked in the mirror. Lord and behold the Bears were all now "Weasels".

Well............. the new "Weasels" jumped for joy and did a dance or two. They rode their Harleys across the land telling everyone that would listen about the wonders of being a "Weasel" and they lived happily ever after.

But......... Pappa Bear would always wish that he had a set of keys and legal title to his bike, so he could have seen for real if any Weasels had short leather whips and chrome handcuffs in
Kansas City.

The End

Just remember, HOGS may live an easy life.....

But ......
Weasels dont have to eat crap out of a BUCKET !!!


Ride Safe Brothers And Sisters
* Dont Be A Statistic *

~ God Bless America ~

It's Not Called Freedom, Unless You Get To Make A Choice